Wednesday, 14 November 2007

Welcome Back?..........

Just a quick line to say to anyone who still drops in here that after a layoff of several months i would hope to resume postings in the next week or so.


Barnsley Nationalist said...

We look forward to your return.

Andromeda said...

A protest rally is due to take place in Oxford this evening - 20 November 2007 - against a debate on free speech scheduled to take place at its prestigious Union next Monday to which David Irving and Nick Griffin have been invited as speakers.

Whether next Monday’s debate goes ahead remains to be seen. Apparently, the matter is to be decided after a Union meeting on Friday when members will be asked to vote on the issue.

Vote: Should David Irving and Nick Griffin be allowed to participate in a debate on free speech at the Oxford Union?

YES or NO?

Vote on this at:

The Green Arrow said...

Time to get back in the firing line Lincolnshire. Looking forward to your first post.

Good Luck