Friday, 5 December 2008

The Lion Roars

Once again we have seen a week of turmoil - from redundacies, social service failures, stalling economy, murders and the marxist approved arrest of an opposition MP. I do not despair BUT i do wonder just when our people will remove the blinkers from their eyes and actually wake up to the lives they lead and the type of country they lead it in. An economy based on wage slavery and debt is not fit for purpose. Times are hard and by God they are going to get harder. My own disposable income (money to spend after paying my way) has shrunk. I am lucky as i am a reasonably high earner - but my job security is minimal, i have already seen colleagues go to the "wall", out of a job. There are NO easy answers to the financial catastrophe we are currently facing. We MUST change the type of government we currently have. The BNP has a series of policies that will at least start to address the malaise that afficts this island home of ours. I do not think that my party (the BNP) has all the answers, BUT our party has OUR interests at heart - no talk of "globalisation", the "benefits of the EU" or other such nonsenses trotted out by our existing three tier party system, all of whom have policies which, when dissected, you could not even separate with a cigarette paper. 2009 will be a milestone year in Nationalist politics - i know you hear this every year - BUT i believe 2009 will be a make or break year for us (not neccessarily for the BNP, but for the Nationalist cause per se). The internet is a wonderfull tool for nationalists but apart from our regular supporters and the "anonymous" comments, we actually attract a relatively small proportion of the voting public - the way forward is through "feet on the street" - nothing, and i mean NOTHING beats beats spreading the word on the street. This dosent have to mean official BNP activity, just talk in your local pub, snooker hall, shop - You dont even have to mention the BNP, and you will be surprised at the tacit level of support we have. Turn this to votes and we will be further down our path to election. The BNP stood locally last year in an area with no previous BNP/Nationalist activity and took 24.6% of the vote - next year it will do better"!

My point is this - we may not have a perfect party, may not offer perfect solutions - but what we have is a "Espirit De Corps" within the Nationalist community, which, if effectively mobilised, will make great inroads into the publics hearts and minds - and in this, my friends, lies the path to success.

BNP Role Of Honour Update

The leaked membership list investigation has resulted in two arrests in Brinsley, Nottinghamshire. I wonder who that could be? Shady Sadie is one for my money - which is what i thought from the beginning. Sadie Graham - SCUM! I hope you have a much harder life from here on in, and when you do, think of all the old ladies and women in the BNP who had unwanted and unwarranted phone calls ans abuse thanks to you!And may God help you because the Nationalist cause wont.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Why Am I NOT Surprised?

Two of the gunmen arrested after the Mumbai atrocities were of British descent, the country's chief minister has said.
UK authorities played down reports (Cant let anyone think that there are any problems in our multiculti hellhole of a country) that the terrorists included Britons as violence in the city continued for a third day.
But Indian Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh claims two British-born Pakistanis (Moslems?) were among eight gunmen arrested by Indian authorities, according to Associated Press reports.
Indian authorities confirmed the number of foreigners known to be killed in the attacks had risen to eight. At least 143 people - including a wealthy British businessman - were left dead in the wave of terror that swept India's financial capital.
But Slime Minister Gordon Brown said it was too early to tell whether Britons were involved in carrying out the attacks.
And Home Secretary Jacqui Spliff said UK authorities had "no knowledge" of any British links with the massacre.
Indian commandos ended a siege of Mumbai's luxury Oberoi Hotel while other forces descended from helicopters to storm a Jewish centre where at least 10 hostages were being held. At least 25 captives were rushed out of the Oberoi Hotel and loaded into waiting

"No Knowledge" "Played down reports" - watch over the next few days and we will see, but dont hold your breath for the truth from our Politburo

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Great News

From the blog of the BNP's Martin Wingfield
"THANKS to North Kesteven organiser, Mike Cooper, for forwarding a message from one of his members who is serving overseas.The message reads . . .

"Have just read Part One Orders today - this is where official Army Policy is distributed on a daily basis and there was a WHOLE paragraph about the British National Party!Every soldier in the British Army (ie 100,000 troops) read this daily - they have to by order. The Navy and RAF have similar orders, so add about 40,000 extra personnel on.It says that "any serviceman/woman is entitled to join ANY political party he/she wishes INCLUDING the BNP and to attend political meetings etc. However they must not attend in uniform or indulge in behaviour that will bring the forces into disrespect. They must not attend marches or demonstrations or be involved in an official capacity with any political party."So to summarise this means that the BNP is now being treated like every other political party in the country as far as the Armed Forces are concerned.Today's Part One Orders are a GREAT step forward and has put us on an equal footing with the Conservatives, Labour and the Liberals. A lot of soldiers will breathe a sigh of relief and the positive impact this will have on the BNP's image among service personnel and their families is INCALCULABLE!!! Good news all round!"

To The Traitorous Politoco - Remember WHO we are!

We will fight you to the bitter end and with our last breath we will spit in your faces for the traitors you are. WE ARE THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY and THE VOICE OF THE TRUE BRITISH PEOPLE.

We will fight in the towns and in the villages,and in the cities, we will fight in the valleys and on the hills, we will fight on the beaches and we will fight in the shires. And as time goes by we will become stronger, an unstoppable force against the three tier party system this country has become. We will fight through the ballot box, through street and internet activism - we shall never surrender. Our as yet unborn kin will look back in time and say "this was their finest hour". The Battle for Britain rages - Will YOU stand with the Thin Red Line?

Treatise on the EU

An article by my good friend the Rev

The highest legal authority in the EC is the European Court of Justice sitting in Luxemburg. It has taken upon itself in its case law - whether legitimately from the treaties or not - to give effect to what it sees as the purpose of the treaties, rather than being governed by a strict reading of what the text of the treaties actually say. We have, here, a politicised law-making role for judges which offends the separation of powers. Judges are supposed to be impartial politically and to simply follow the text of any legal document. Gone is their political impartiality under an elected law-making body: They can now be regarded as a somewhat politicised judicial body, to teach us, magisterially, the spirit of the treaties. We have here echoes of the papal court which could depose both princes and parish presbyters; and which could dictate to everyone and ignore all, even national monarchs. Whatever the merits of a body such as this for furthering the goal of ‘ever closer union,’ a court of this kind is not the body to be entrusted with the protection of citizens’ rights and privileges; for the purpose of the treaty, its raison d’etat - ever closer union - trumps such things. If citizens’ rights get in the way of ‘ever closer union’ what will prevail in the eyes of the court?

Nothing could be worse, you would think, but the situation is compounded by the fact that the law-making powers of the Commission and Council, and the Court’s purposive or politicised approach to their interpretation, are deemed paramount - that is, they (in the view of the Court at least) override even the most basic laws of the Member States! The treaties are prudently silent on this point, as well they might be but the Court - in its case law - has explicitly asserted what the treaties may well have implied or rather disguised all along: a stupendous transfer of authority away from the citizens to a less than fully accountable combination of supranational and inter-governmental bodies above the constituent democratic States! It means that the court interpreting the disguised ‘purpose’ of the treaties - not explicitly set out in the treaties, of course - can legally undermine and change our national constitution and our most basic individual rights and freedoms! That is its view of its role and powers, at any rate, as expressed in its own case law. The highest English courts (the Court of Appeal and the Appellate Committee of the House of Lords) take a different view: In their views EC law, whether from the treaties or the case law of the European Court of Justice, is not in and of itself supreme over domestic law. EC law only takes precedence over English law by virtue of English law (the European Communities Act, 1972) lending them such precedence. The difference between EC supremacy and EC precedence is that the latter, being given by us, can be taken away by us if we repeal the delegating act. But the European Court of Justice says that its priority in England is due not to a delegating act of Parliament but to its own supremacy implied in the treaties - which, of course, if true, we cannot challenge without breaching the treaties and rebelling against them. This is a case of conflict of jurisdictions, not unlike the American civil war (1861-1865) as to who has the legal supremacy. One of the new factors in the EU Constitutional Treaty and in the Treaty of Lisbon is that, by treaty, EC (or EU) law would become expressly supreme - though even that would not operate in England without an Act of Parliament to begin with. Once such an Act were passed the legal waters would become more murky in allowing Parliament to repudiate what it has already acknowledged as supreme, and not merely having precedence here by our sufferance. We have, so far, not yet reached that stage - thanks to the Irish.

But we have already gotten a taste of the EC’s tyranny over our fishing rights and over British weights and measures. This is the thin end of the wedge: the European Arrest Warrant, the European Prosecutor, and the European Police Force (with the full diplomatic immunity from legal action of the EU’s supranational institutions) bode ill for a further erosion of civic freedoms. Any freedoms we may have left will then depend upon the unelected Court of politicised judges and the unelected Commission-Council meeting in secret conclave and able, between them, to make law by decree! Many have called this the ‘democratic deficit’. But is this being a little too generous? Rodney Atkinson calls it the new Fascism. Gorbachev has already referred to the EC as the ‘new Soviet Union.’ Whatever you may think about electoral accountability the current EC is a far cry from what Heath and Wilson told us about a Common Market! We need to be aware of what this combination may produce in the future - therein lies the danger both to us and to our posterity. Those who will not study and learn from history will surely repeat it. And Europe’s history has been one of absolutism as late as 1945 for Germany and 1992 for Russia. What is now going on in our name is surely a danger to us all; and the fact is that, whatever our party - as in the past, so now - we stand or fall as a Nation. Evaluating the European Community… … BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!
To adapt the words of one Parliamentary motion, passed in the 1780s, against the Crown’s use of ‘patronage’ - money paid by the Government to influence how MPs would vote - we can say of the European Community that ‘...the influence of the EC has increased, is increasing and ought to be diminished’. The power of the EC institutions are now a creeping threat to civil liberties, the democratic rule of law, and popular participation in politics. The danger, comes in the following ways.

To begin with the European Community in its founding treaties did not recognise, and was not built upon, the basic principles of good government. These are, fundamentally, the substantial separation of the powers, functions, and personnel of the three branches of government with checks and balances between them, to stop the abuse of power by government and so ensure the liberty of the subject. In the 18th century the French philosopher, Montesquieu (1689-1755), outlined these powers as: the executive to make policies and carry on the business of government; a separate elected legislature to make the laws to which the government itself would be subject; and an independent and politically impartial judiciary to apply those laws equally to all. These are the principles of good government which first put in check absolutism on the continent, and then finally defeated it - absolutism being the opposite to government ‘ the people, for the people, and of the people.’ These principles of good government are what the unwritten British constitution is grounded upon, although government in Britain is drawn from the elected legislature (the House of Commons) and is in effect an emanation of the majority party within that body. Nonetheless the government cannot generally make, or unmake, law: its proposals (known as Bills) have to first run the gauntlet of the elected Commons and the revising chamber of the House of Lords; and though many of the Lords are appointed, they are independent of the Government inasmuch as they are not dismissible by them. But, since 1957, absolutism has been oozing back into Europe not so much through the Member States of the European Community - which are all required by the EC to be democratic - but through the supranational and inter-governmental institutions of the European Community that its Member States - by treaty and by laws - have put both themselves and their citizens under.

The European Community’s framework of government (its informal constitution, not to be confused with the proposed formal Constitution rejected by voters in 2006) is laid out in various treaties signed by the Member States since 1957 as interpreted by the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg - itself a creation of those treaties. That framework of governance, spread over a patchwork of treaties, is extremely complex and confusing to the uninitiated; and amounts to both an ambush and a trap for the unwary who have been sweetened into it - as has happened both with the populations and many of the politicians. But to the initiated its pattern, its purpose and intent, was always clear. From the start its purpose was to foist, in an undemocratic way, an undemocratic scheme of government upon us; and to do it in a deceptive way. At every step on the road to European integration an illusion of democracy would be maintained whilst its real power would be bled away. As Jean Monnet (1888-1979), one of the inspirers of the European Community, said, ‘Europe’s nations should be guided towards the superstate without their peoples understanding what is happening. This can be accomplished by successive steps, each disguised as having an economic purpose but which will eventually and irreversibly lead to federation.’ But what is unaccountable at its inception is doubly so, even trebly so, at its completion. A deceived democracy is no democracy at all. This is the great danger.

One of the main organs of EC government is the Council of the European Union, better known as the Council of Ministers. It is an inter-governmental body whose members are appointed and recallable by the governments of the Member States. It is therefore in some sense an instrument of the top politicians of the Member States and accountable to them but, in another sense, it is also above them if it can make a decision by unanimity or majority or qualified majority voting. But as well as being the chief executive body of the Community it is also the chief law-making body binding not just governments but citizens. Yet it is not elected by the public nor dismissible by them; it meets in secret; and, as it also controls the reins of policy, it thereby combines both the executive and legislative functions with secrecy! Montesquieu’s advice has been stood on its head! Council members are neither openly nor effectively accountable to their national Parliaments for the decisions they make in Council. On such a body they are immune; and such a body is collectively immune to make laws which the people do not want. Even our own Cabinet cannot do this: their proposals have to face the scrutiny of parliamentary opposition and the searchlight of public debate and accountability. And rightly so, for this is the very essence of democracy. However, unlike the British Cabinet, the Council of Ministers cannot propose new laws; it can only respond to legislative proposals put to it by another body, the Commission. It then becomes crucial to inquire as to whether the Commission is more electorally accountable to the ordinary people or no since its proposals, if passed by the Council, will bind us - our governments and our elected representatives.

The EC Commission has the task to draft new proposals to become law. The Council of Ministers can only pass or reject such proposals; it cannot amend them. So the Council which is so powerful towards ordinary mortals is beholden to the Commission. But the Commissioners are neither elected nor re-callable by the people either. They are appointed by the heads of government of the Member States but they are not dismissible by them. This in effect makes the Commissioners a high body independent of the electorates, the governments, the national parliaments, and the Council; and yet it has the chief power to formulate new law proposals which, if passed by the Council, will bind the governments, the elected parliaments and the people. The law-making process in the European Community is hardly democratic. Moreover under the treaties the Commission can only make proposals in one direction - ‘ever growing union’. The ship cannot turn-around. Though the Council can bring the movement in that direction to a stop, neither the Council nor the Commission can turn the ship around, whatever they or the peoples may think or wish - so much for popular sovereignty and flexibility. In addition the Commission is in effect a supranational body independent of and - like the Council - in some sense above the governments; it has the power to drag Member States before the European Court of Justice to ensure that they obey the law of the new empire. It also negotiates trade agreements with other States and the terms of accession for new applicants. Lastly the Commission draws up the yearly budget which is so bad in accountancy terms that it has not been passed by any professional auditor for several years. In all these roles this high unelected Commission is served by a very large bureaucracy paid for by taxes allocated to it from the populations of the Member States.

But what of the European Parliament which meets in both Brussels and Strassburg? This is mainly a consultative assembly and not a legislature at all. It is more akin to the powerless Dumas and Reichstags of the absolute monarchies of Europe before World War One. Its title as a ‘Parliament’ is a misnomer, obliquely intended to mislead us into thinking that the institutions of the EC are democratic when they are not. It is certainly elected, and accountable, to the electorate of the EC; but what democratic good is that if it cannot effectively hold the Council or Commission to account on their behalf; and does not have the power to make and unmake laws, as the agent the people, elected and accountable to them. Recently, the ‘Parliament’s’ powers have increased to the point where it has some input on law-making but this is a minor rather than a crucial and decisive input. The democratic deficit therefore remains, which means that the EC, though it is made up of democracies, is not itself democratic; and yet it is above its constituent democracies, thus nullifying their democratic effect in areas of its competence.

We have thus discussed both the legislative and the executive processes, in this new and grandiose entity, and have found that it has an independence beyond the control of the people; which ought to make any wise man (or woman) tremble, even though its powers and competences are for the present limited. Yet, given the power of the law over every citizen, what are we to make of its judicial processes? Here the picture is, we fear, as dark and foreboding; not so much in the powers that the EC’s legal system currently exercises, though these are growing, as in the principles upon which these powers are exercised; principles which lay down a route to destroy all the legal safeguards for their citizens which, over centuries, the Member States have built up.

Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The List - Update

Well only one phone call since my last list update post - i expect they are waiting for their Giros to arrive. Since my email was published i have apparently won over 21 million on various lotterys (and i havent given up my day job as a cleaner!), can have a larger manhood/cheap niagra (had to watch the spelling there - wouldnt want to be thought a racist..........)/alerts from HSBC,Barclays etc right through to the Royal Bank of Jims Ice House in Nova Scotia (the only one i ACTUALLY have an account with......). I can forget all my troubles if i click here or be taller if i click there.........

So - i clicked em all and now and now i am a 6 foot 6 inch homeowner with a degree, a blackbelt, 4 cars in the drive, im irresistable to women and have £20 million in the bank. Wow - my lifes changed massively since the publication of the list! But you know what? Im STILL BNP!!!!

Support the BNP! - YOU know it makes sense!

Whitemoor Prison

On the BNP website there is a story about the large amount of public money that was used to buy in takeaways for muslim terrorist prisoners. Its an interesting story in itself. However in my mind this is a more serious matter. An aquaintance of mine works in the prison. He has told me on several occcasions that the biggest problem they have there is the forcible conversion of ordinary (white christian - even if only nominally) prisoners to Islam, along with a lack of will by the authorities to stamp down on them. The figures i give here are his ESTIMATES. From what i understand was initially a Moslem prison population of around 40, this has increased to around 150 (about a third of the inmates, with 90% being forcible conversions. The prison authorities are well aware of what is happening and are apparently in the process of trying to farm out the ringleaders of the gangs which are terrorising "normal" prisoners - remember this a Cat A prison with a smattering of Cat Bs. However due to an unwillingness to upset the ethnics and the mozzies invoking the "human rights" act they have been, so far, unsuccessful. The mainstream press (the Mirror, of all papers) has stated that only 8 moslems are in whitemoor due to terrorist offences BUT remember Whitemoor will not take any prisoners with a sentence of less than FOUR years, which under this marxist government is rarely handed out except for instances of extreme violence. Personally i think all the inmates at Whitemoor are scum but the forced Islamification of any inmate is a matter for concern in our land.

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Racism Cuts Both Ways

Excellent link with all the facts and good music.

Our Peoples Defence Fund

This is courtesy of the BNP website (link on left). Nick Griffins appeal for the defence fund for the battle now raging. You can donate through the BNP site.

Thousands of ordinary men and women like you across this land are being subjected to the most sustained and vicious political witch-hunt ever seen in this country. Their ‘crime’? Being concerned enough about the future of their country to join the British National Party!

Experienced political commentators from around the world have been shocked by the bigoted actions and biased reporting of our press. Independent observers such as leading libertarian Dr. Sean Gabb are comparing the onslaught launched against us to the political witch hunts in the early days of the Soviet and Nazi regimes. Others are comparing the campaign against BNP members to the ‘KRISTALNACHT’ pogrom against the Jews in 1930s Nazi Germany - and with good reason.

Remember, first the Jews were publically named, then they were barred from certain occupations, the press then tried to whip up hatred against them and their rights to express themselves politically were removed. Finally it was open season on them and anybody else who dared question the totalitarian political elite. Windows were smashed, firebombs were thrown, and innocent people were hauled off to prison.

Is this not exactly what we are witnessing now, here in Britain, in 2008? The leaking of our members’ details was not the mere rash action of a disgruntled ex- employee. No! It is part of a co-ordinated campaign to stop our progress and rapid growth. The Powers That Be know that we stand a good chance of winning European seats next June, and that they have lost the battle to stop us politically, so now they are turning to intimidation, violence and mass arrests.

You see, the British National Party is gaining widespread recognition as the only party that could ever pull this nation together, the others have failed and now millions of ordinary Britons are looking towards the BNP as their only hope. The Establishment know that we are close to a massive political breakthrough.

This is too much for the ‘Troughminster’ politicians, and that is why they have unleashed the attack dogs of the media and the legions of the PC fanatics, trade union Marxists and every other hater of Britain they can muster.

Shame of leftist bullies

Yes, the attacks are hurting many good people, and yes, the sensationalist press coverage, the late-night threatening phone calls and the hate letters have been a source of anxiety to many. One poor lady (not even a member) came home from her husband’s funeral last Friday to find death threats against him on her answer phone because he was ‘on the list’.

However, the enemies of this country have badly misjudged the British character and our famous fighting spirit. Are we not heirs of those who stood, against all odds, at Agincourt? Did not our forebears hold fast the ‘thin red line’ on every continent in the world? Were not our ancestors those bold heroes who stood at Tilbury dock with good Queen Bess against the assembled hordes of Europe, and served heroically with Nelson and Wellington?

Unlike our fathers and Grandfathers, we have no Somme, Paschendale or Dunkirk to test our metal, but none the less we have our own battles to fight and this is a major test for us as Nationalists and British democrats. If our courage fails at the first sound of battle, then all is lost.

Our Finest Hour?

But I believe that the indomitable British spirit now stirring within the hearts of our people will cause them to rise in defence of liberty and our proud British heritage. AS A PARTY, THIS COULD WELL BE OUR FINEST HOUR! Being ‘on the list’ is a mark of honour, and people are now clamouring to join and be on it too!

Down through the travails of centuries many have tried to bully and silence the British people. ALL HAVE FAILED. Our enemies have always made the mistake of confusing the British love of fair play, decency and peace with ‘weakness’. They never understood that this was the secret of our strength. It takes a lot to rile the British, but when we are stirred from our slumber there is no dictator, people or force on earth that can suppress our spirit.

We never went looking for this fight, but now it has started we must stand fast in defence of every single member who feels threatened, harassed or intimidated. Employers who attempt to victimise our people will be challenged in court. Newspapers that deliberately whip up hatred against our people will also find themselves on the wrong end not only of legal action for receiving and misusing stolen property, but of well-thought out actions denied to hit their owners in their pockets. Police forces that fail to protect our people, or even worse try to join in the intimidation, will be called to account too.

Our people ARE the Party; therefore we will vigorously pursue all and every unlawful attack upon any individual. Our members will be protected and defended and I ask you now to donate to our People’s Defence Fund in order to provide the necessary means to secure our people proper legal representation and protection as they require, and to allow us to go on the campaign offensive.

Preparing our counter- attack

I have already held two intensive conferences with heavyweight lawyers and with an expert in peaceful direct action. Over the first couple of days of this all-out assault on the BNP’s very existence, senior colleagues and I were together forced to work flat out on what, as you know, turned into a very effective defensive action in the media. Now it’s time for us to counter-attack!

As well as our coming legal fight-back, we’re going to be organising hard-hitting political action too. We’ll make Liverpool’s politically correct police bullies wish they’d never tried to stamp out the BNP. We’re designing new Truth Truck ‘skins’ and we’re going to visit the owners and big shareholders of the Daily Mirror and tell their neighbours about their vicious campaign of intimidation, lies and incitement. These swine started this fight, but we’re going to win it!

Helping defend democracy

The campaign of media demonisation, police repression and intimidation by gangs of leftist thugs mobilised and endorsed by Labour cabinet ministers is not just an attack on the British National Party. It is an attack on the very essence of our democratic system and British way of life.

If you value this country and want to protect your children’s future, do not let our people stand alone. The Last Battle for our country is now raging; will you do your duty and rally to the brave old colours of the red, white and blue?

Saturday, 22 November 2008

What will YOU Do?

The below article is from the Green Arrows site - a patriot i respect immensely - thanks GA.

Well what do you think will be the criminal states next act of oppression against the British National Party?

They arrest our members and detain them for long hours for giving out perfectly legal pamphlets.
They arrest our paper sellers and watch as they are attacked by the brain dead red.
They intercept our shipments of papers coming into the country.
They close down our bank account.
They deny us a voice on the so call topical programmes where they smear us but deny us a response.
They seek to expel us from our offices by threatening violence to the landlords of property.
They threaten the lives of the brave publicans who allow us the use of their premises.
They smear the good name of an excellent hotel for allowing us its use for our conference.
They sack people from their jobs because they are patriots.
They arrange the "theft" of our memberships list in order to pass it on to their paid thugs who are then instructed to carry out a nationwide campaign of intimidation and terror against those on the lists.
They encourage the use of stolen property to find more witches to burn.
So just what will they do next?

We have seen in just a few short weeks, how terrified they have become at the incredible growth of the British National Party. They have watched Nick Griffin in action, they have seen the courage of the heroic British National Party activists and they soil themselves in fear.

And I laugh when I hear their pathetic excuses as to why the True British People are joining us and becoming not just a member of a political party but a member of a family.

A family with real family values. A family that cares not just for themselves but for their Country and their children's future.

So they say we are being populist. A rich statement from crooked and corrupt politicians. They cannot see that the British National Party is espousing ideals, not to gain votes but because those ideals are simple truths. And these truths are now clear to more and more of the people.

The avalanche of political faith in the BNP by the people is starting to move.

I will not point out the crimes the New World Order have carried out against not just our people but our entire race. Those crimes are already known and for those crimes, they will surely pay.

No, I will refer back to an earlier post in which I asked if the BNP are the new Jews. I wrote half in jest at the time but no longer.

The BNP are the Jews to the new Nazis of the State.
The BNP are Snowball in Animal Farm.
The BNP are Winston Smith in 1984.
They hate us because we will not bow to them. They fear us because

We do not love Big Brother.
We bloody hate him.

If the Jews had know what their fate was to be when they boarded those cattle trucks during the time of terror they would have fought and died to the last man, woman and child.

But the Jews learned from history. Israel defends itself, even to the point of pre-emptively. They would not go quietly a second time.

And the BNP learns from history also and we say to the government. We are not the Jews who will go quietly to our end. We will fight you to the bitter end and with our last breath we will spit in your face. WE ARE THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY and THE VOICE OF THE TRUE BRITISH PEOPLE.

Now if you sit and read this whilst BNP activists sit in cells and whilst old women are phoned up at midnight and threatened. When doors are kicked in at dawn to arrest a person for leafleting and do not get enraged then you are not British and can go rot.

If you feel angry, now is the time to stand alongside those in the BNP who are currently doing your fighting for you.

If you think you are to old or unable to be an activist or member then do this. Give us your money. As much as you can spare. Help that way.

Leaflets cost money. Newspapers cost money. The Truth Truck costs money. Money is the gun we need to fire the bullets of truth at the corrupt crooks and paedophiles ruling over us.

God Bless the BNP

Linclonshire patriots Bit.

As a personal comment my mother is a party member, i introduced her to the BNP. She is now in her seventies and has been the subject of several late night calls. I rang her today to see if she was alright. Alright? Shes spitting feathers at both the establishment and the pissed up marxists who have tried to harrass her. My God, i would not like to be on the other end of the line if i was ringing her on the back of the list! God Bless you Mum!

My name on the list - so what?

The tally so far.................3 abusive phone calls, one email and one call to my mobile plus one drunken sot in the street. Not bad - if id spent a whole night in the boozer in my local town it wouldve been about the same number = idiot wise. Im sleeping well and trust you are too!

United We Stand - Divided We Fall..............Stand Together!

The Stasi

Eleven arrested activists, names and addresses "leaked" on to the net............

British people, which of you values the right to choose which political party they wish to associate with and which opinion they wish to hold as free men and women of our Island nation?

All of you, right?

In time this round of organised treachery will fade from the collective memory, boiled down to a headline which people vaguely remember, or not, just like all the other countless scandals our criminal establishment have been engaged in. Football, soaps and other assorted distractions, big and small, deliberate and otherwise, will move to the fore.

Yet we are in a mood of great defiance right now. Enquiries are coming in from former members who let their membership lapse and potential members who have seen this gross injustice, rightly, as a threat to them.

As such the British National Party would like to renew its calls for people to be involved. If you aren't a member, join the Party. If you are a member and are inactive it is time to become active. We urge you to contact your local or regional organiser and ask how you can help. Wherever you are there is a branch near you.

Soon we have critical elections for Europe, for county councils and possibly a general election as well. We always need leafleters, canvassers, candidates, researchers and contributors. If you have a skill, a trade or a talent but most of all a motivation to rescue our country from its slide into a cultural and political abyss...

We need YOU... RIGHT NOW...

First they came for the BNP members and I said nothing... then they came for me...

Yours Sincerely,
A. Patriot


Friday, 21 November 2008

Britains Shieldwall

Twelve thousand bravehearts. This is the core of our countrys defenders and its future. Britains Shieldwall. Ally these stout hearted individuals to the growing levels of public support and votes and we move another few solid steps along the tunnel. Theres a sense of common purpose within the BNP. We are not empty inside - we have plans for the future of our children and our childrens children, not the instant gratification of the individual here and now and damn tommorow! Its a long walk and we may not see the full results in our lifetimes, but we had to start somewhere and we, my friends, are the vanguard.
We all know that theres right and theres wrong and you have got do do one or the other. - Hit a lick against whats wrong and say a word for whats right even tho you may get walloped for saying it. Do one and you are living, do the other and you may be walking around - but youre as dead as a dodo inside.
Nobody just decides to join the BNP - its forced upon you when you have had enough of the lies and deceits of the main parties and decide to stand up for yourself and for your country. When you have ideas like real freedom and rights of the individual, and a hatred of dictators. Fighting for our people to live free means more to us than cowering in "security". This is why we will win. Dirty tricks campaigns cause us a few casualties and some folk fall by the wayside. But their time with us helped us along the path, and new blood swells our ranks.

Stand firm, hold the line and we will win!

Knuckle Dragger - me?

"Yure a F****** druckle nagger!" hissed the voice.
"Just slur that again?" i replied, chuckling at the semi upright piece of humanity as he lurched to hold on to his can of super strength lager.
" Bloody nugger draggle thats wot you are mate" he said.
Laughing i picked my fists off the ground and walked on.

Must have been the copy of the Sun he had that gave him the wit to outsmart me in the debate....................:)

Part II

Cry "God for Harry! England and Saint George!".
The hair-raising battle cry of Henry V extolling his countrymen into the breech at the siege of Harfleur against the French in William Shakespeares Henry V. My fellow nationalist blogger The Green Arrow (link on left) has regularly called for a crusade against the forces of darkness that are arrayed against the freeborn British people of this land. The Free English people are stirring again, waking from the sleep that the country has been in for the last decades of marxist rule.

Our lands have been traded piece by piece by our traitorous politicians to the power-mongers of the EU, the ever more fervent demands of the Muslim jihadists in our midst,and they have encouraged morally bankrupt narcissitic lifestyles and the have now - pay later consumer culture that we are led to believe will bring us contentment, if not happiness. Its gone BUST people. All of these issues are a threat to our well-being as a nation of free people. The modern crusaders, the defenders of our homeland, are the BNP. The British National Party, outnumbered, outgunned, and with a hostile media attacking us almost daily, stand firm in our defence of the Free British People. The future of Britain is the BNP and is in your hands! Join, support and vote for the BNP in the 2009 elections. Fight for your freedom, have some guts, and stand up for yourself! This is no time for armchair warriors, but a time to make a stand - stand up for yourself, your children and your childrens children! They will thank you for it in the long run. If you are not prepared to join the New Crusade then yes, youll live, but you will live under the yoke of ever more oppressive legislation, sharia law as they push and push towards an islamic state in our homeland ,and you will gain the status of a second class citizen in your own homeland. Fight, and we MAY lose - but we will go down fighting, not grovelling, not scared to speak out and in the knowledge of knowing who we are! BUT we can win, and winning changes all the rules! Our country back to safe and secure borders, a country with a first class health and education system for all OUR people. So i urge each and every one of you to rally to the new crusade and support the BNP in the defence of this sceptred isle!

Once more into the breech! Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead. Cry "God for Harry!, England and St.George!"

William Shakespeare"And gentlemen in England now abed shall think themselves accursed they were not here, And hold their manhoods cheap while any speaks that fought with us upon Saint Crispin'

Will YOU help our people and our homeland? Vote BNP in 2009!

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Celebrating "diversity" - Notting Hill 2008

Dont you just love it? I dont recall seeing this is my daily paper, i wonder why?

The Notting Hill Carnival, meant to be a “showcase of Britain’s immigrant community and diversity,” ended this year (again) in carnage and bloody street battles between police and black gangs, which resulted in at least 488 arrests.

Some 11,000 police officers were deployed at the event, costing taxpayers £6 million. They were attacked, glassed, pelted with missiles and confronted all day with everything from knife wielding black hoodlums and drunks, to dangerous dogs. Knives, a Taser gun, CS spray and a baseball bat were among the weapons seized during the rioting which followed the end of the carnival, billed as Europe’s largest “celebration of Afro-Caribbean culture.”

A total of 488 arrests were made during the event — 330 in the Notting Hill area and 158 around Oval, where police prevented about 160 black youths from south London entering the main carnival area.

Officers bussed 151 of them to south London police stations where they were detained until the carnival was over. Seven were arrested for possession of bladed articles or public order offences.
Police were battered near the centre of the carnival in Ladbroke Grove after 40 black youths attacked them in planned formations for two hours, pelting them with everything they could find, including bottles, bricks, steel bars and other objects. One officer was glassed in the face.
Backup had to be called in the form of fully armoured riot police, who baton-charged the black mob before order was restored.

Witnesses described a ‘war zone’. One witness said: “It was a full-scale riot. Bottles were flying everywhere. Carnival-goers and police officers were bloodied. A policewoman was carried off unconscious.”
“Another had a two-inch gash above his eye. He was staggering and supported by two colleagues. The mob weren’t scared. They were running towards the police who were chanting ‘one, two, three’ and charging them. It was like a war zone. I haven’t seen anything like it at the carnival since the early Nineties. It reminded me of the Brixton riots or the film Zulu.”

The 488 arrests were for offences ranging from assault, possessing an offensive weapon, drunk driving and theft, to public order and drugs. Even this figure is still being revised upwards.
Arrests for some of the more serious offences included: 59 for drug offences, 25 for carrying an offensive weapon, 40 public order offences, 18 for assault, 11 for theft, seven for drunken behaviour, two sexual offences and two for robbery.
Specialist dog liaison officers impounded 19 dogs under the Dangerous Dogs Act. Black gangs in London have increasingly taken to using dogs as attack weapons.
A teen was stabbed twice in the upper back after 10 to 12 youths chased him like a pack of animals in Clifford Gardens in the final hours of the carnival. The stabbed teenager had been chased by a gang of black youths just yards from where City lawyer Tom ap Rhys Price, 31, was stabbed to death in a robbery by black youths two years ago.
Melissa Johnson, 18, said: “I heard people screaming and swearing so I came outside. He was lying on the ground on his back with his head on the side. There was blood all on his face.”
Engineer Robert Dowdy, 40, said: “They chased him up the road like a pack of dogs, yelling and screaming. They were kicking and punching and swinging at him. There were two stab wounds on his upper back.”
Chief Inspector Jo Edwards praised ‘proactive policing’, including stop and search tactics, as authorities sought to avoid a repeat of the shootings and stabbings which had dogged previous years. Last year, two teenagers were shot, while two men were murdered in 2000, and memories of riots in 1976 linger.
Chief Inspector Edwards said: “The number of arrests is up on last year, but that is predominantly because of proactive policing.” Police used stop-and-search tactics throughout the carnival and metal detectors at tube station entry points to catch potential criminals.

Tory Traitor London Mayor Boris Johnson said: “As a former resident of Ladbroke Grove, I have watched the Notting Hill Carnival go from strength to strength each year to become an internationally acclaimed event. Nothing beats the sounds of the steel pans, the aroma of delicious Caribbean food and the dazzling colours of the costume parade.” (or the sound of steel on flesh presumably?)

What he didnt say was ANYTHING that was related to the above, the fact that the police only record crime at the Carnival on the main road (anything else is recorded as local crime even its within 20 feet of the main drag - so the realistically you could double the above numbers and still be on the light side). He also stated "as a former resident of...." - well i wouldnt want to live there either Boris, but some of us indigenous folk dont have a choice. Ho hum....................


So, the membership list has been published online. Ive had two crank calls and one email (apart from the plethora of viagra type rubbish) . I have been out and about today and have recieved nothing but positive feeback from the people in the area. I have had several promises to vote for me if i decide to stand again ( i have) and a general consensus that the publication of the list has given us some good publicity. Personally i dont care that my details are online - i have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide - im proud of the publicity (if it can be called that, as i am only one of the twelve thousand patriots with the strength to stand and be counted)

So if i have to put up with up some loser harrassing me (giros permitting - spookily enough the calls were after six o.clock, cheap rate, and not to my mobile, expensive) when their funds permit (and numbers witheld of course) then i consider it a cheap price for the opportunity to speak up on behalf of my kin and folk. Thankyou for boosting my determination!

Dont forget the 2009 elections are not too distant and the BNP needs every patriot to turn out and vote and not be discouraged by any campaigns against us such as we are currently seeing!

2009 is OUR year. VOTE BNP!

Our time is coming - Stand, Men of the West!

Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Leaked membership list

I was going to write a few lines regarding the leaking and publiation of the membership list but these comments from another site say it all!

"That is not a members list it's a bloody role of honour because the people on that list actually want to save Britain and God Bless them one and all. Be proud to be BNP"

"List of the saints. To be on that list is to be on the list of heroes like Waterloo, Trafalgar, and the Battle of Britain. To be on the list is to be immortal. If the British People (as in US census code 011 British) last 12000 years it will be because of those on the list.These are individual heroes. They don't come to this in a group. They are not ordered to do it by government. They didn't get draft cards. Each person on the list has made a testament to truth on their own act of conscience. They have risked all for their kin, despite the ingratitude and hate shown by the official minders of PC. Many are with them. And the numbers are growing and not just in Britain. We are a great people and when we are united we can not be defeated. Churchill said it, and it has been true throughout history. When evil has marched it has been us who have stopped it for centuries. No other people can make this claim."

Makes me proud to be on that list.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Destroying Our Culture

Thanks to Mr Fox and The Green Arrow for this.

By Mister Fox -One of the weapons used to destroy our young people is what is known as the “Culture Wars.” Modern, popular music transmits raw uninhibited energy, emotion and excitement often with catchy tunes but is negative and corruptive. Those who doubt this should listen to, say, “Heavy Metal” or “Rap” then perhaps some Tudor church music and compare the feelings and images that are aroused. The first produce the desire to hurt or mistreat others, the second, an uplifting spiritual sense and a good feeling towards God and others.The state of a civilisation can be assessed by its art. There are deep similarities between our collapsing civilisation and the collapse of Greece and Rome and we need to use their historical example as guides to correcting our own folly. The modern manipulators are leading us into degeneracy through popular culture.In a recent TV series "I'm a Celebrity Get Me out of Here", simple people, described as Celebrities, were so degraded as to eat live worms and stick insects.
Rebecca Loos masturbates pig for your "entertainment" There are several levels to this: there is cruelty to lesser animals; encouraging children to eat insects and slugs in the garden and the decline into more degradation of our people and culture. On a “reality” programme one masturbated a pig and on another one fried and ate Kangaroos testicles. This is to degrade our people and culture.Many think that the presentation of certain “lifestyles” in T.V. programmes is innocent, but they are arranged and presented to be sympathetic and thus to change people’s attitudes which is social engineering. The Soaps are used to promote “gay” lifestyles.This does not happen by serendipity. It is planned in meetings. The “Goodies” are shown sympathetically and glamorously, every character they want us to imitate is attractive and cool; the “Baddies”, those they want us to hate, are thick and unlovable. It does not occur in a vacuum but in tandem with other developments and helps to manipulate acceptance for the Government plans to equalise the sexual marriage laws.Contemporary art is used to degrade us by destroying any notion of the Sacred needs of people. Every year these time-warped artists stage a ritual by setting up an ordinary member of the public. The script is this: an elderly person takes a youngster, say grandchild or niece, to an exhibition and is shocked by something on display, like an unmade bed or something that requires little imagination, and complains to the press. Then the curator is quoted as saying, “Art is to make people think, and to provoke feelings”. This hackneyed response has been used on each occasion for the last 30 years.I once went to the Ikon gallery in Birmingham, which is financed by taxpayers’ money confiscated by the Government as well as funding by companies. The young gulls there soon refused to speak to me when I explained they are mass produced artists all doing similar stuff. They have to do what the Art Council wants to get a grant. The liberal middle classes follow the tastes and standards set by elites such as Saatchi.At the beginning of the twentieth century the modernist movement set about destroying the form and grammar of traditional art and thus the content, and made it both unintelligible and uninteresting. In the 60’s cultural Marxists of the new left became the "elites". They hate our culture and traditions and are destroying our young people.Aristocrat rulers had sense of “noblesse oblige" towards the working classes and a sense of responsibility but the elites, who grew out of the new left, corrupt them out of hatred and personal gain.The Discrimination Act of 1975 advises people not to use degrading language of certain selected groups. But our elites continually degrade working-class people and our young. They mock them as “Chavs.”Our people rarely see themselves affirmed in adverts or on TV, only dark people without English features unless they are advertising our women to the world as whores. We are not supposed to identify with ourselves. The elites need have no conscience about bringing immigrants here to take our jobs by undercutting wages and pushing us out of our communities if they convince themselves we are worthless.The television programme makers are on the lookout for something to laugh at but we are now the targets and this is done to us before the rest of the world. It is conveyed by images as well as words which are read as body language and semi-conscious messages.Whites are presented as fat, over weight, while ethics are bright and clean. A television programme “How clean is Your House” has two women visit inadequate parents to tell them how to bring their children up. They select lower class inadequates but never tell an inadequate Muslim couple how to bring their children up.One of these programmes is shown in 47 countries! This sends the message to potential asylum seekers that we are inadequate and weak and they can come here and everything off us including our women.What are the effects of this constant debilitation of our people by the elites on everyday life? Ordinary people lose contact with our civilization and become disorientated, lost, suffer from bereavement and become depressed.Our culture is still amenable to the elites but our manipulated young and those from a de-culturalised background give up and do not bother. They cannot take refuge in a smaller cultural world like the elites who live in large houses in posh areas of London, or beautiful English villages as country gentlefolk. They lose heart and, having nowhere to go descend into vices and viciousness; they are no longer civilized and do not know how to behave. They become prey to amoral meritocrats who use and exploit them.
Amy Winehouse. Role model for our young women The papers devote pages to the drugged and drunken antics of “celebs” and footballers while the celeb magazines and radio stations promote those who have degraded themselves on Reality TV shows. They show them leaving night clubs drunk and question whether they are wearing knickers or not. The people who make these programmes and write the magazines are educated and intelligent people so they know what they are doing to our young people.It is to redress the balance with the behaviour of ethnic communities. I looked at the covers of two celeb magazines: one stated, “Posh is looking tired and stressed. Is it too much partying?” The other, “Britney and Paris’ wild night out.”We are being deprived of self worth and seeking it in drink and drugs. There is a trend in drinking amongst people as young as 10 -15. We see them all over the country in subways, on recreation grounds, schoolchildren drinking cans that they have been sold by shopkeepers.Our young people do not understand their loss of identity, the loss of the sense of who they are and loss of self-worth. What are the consequences? The degradation shows in their social lives when they try to escape from themselves.
"Yes Mum. We had a lovely night." A 20 year-old young woman told me how she and her cousin go on. “We were so drunk,” she said beaming, “we were “so drunk we couldn’t stand.” They could not remember how they got home. I asked if they like getting drunk. “It’s social” one replied; the other ”It’s good fun.” “It is acceptable now like sex and dress.”Some politicians claim stopping “Happy Hours” would stop drunkenness but there are ways of getting drunk quickly and cheaply like “drinking glasses of water while drinking alcohol because it reacts in your blood and you get drunk quicker.” There is also a trick of gulping air down while you drink. I asked who originates these tricks. “Probably, the breweries”, she replied.Though they have been educated to see themselves as equal to men but in practice women’s vital organs are not as strong as men’s and they have a greater chance of liver and kidney damage as well as permanent brain damage.Children are selfish, but become civilized as they grow older and take responsibility for the world around them. This is becoming adult. However, the new culture prevents them from growing up and keeps them immature which is causing so much uncivilised behaviour. Bar owners and the drinks companies play on the weaker part of people’s nature rather like a sales scam would play on, say, someone’s greed. It is preying on the young’s need for fun and adventure with unhealthy adventures.Young people drink drinks that have pretty colours and fruity flavours like soft drinks but are about 6% alcohol, or pretty, pleasant tasting cocktails. At the same time the hypnotic music pounds away disorientating them. There are often TV screens all around showing sport, pop acts or models on catwalks. This bar had a couple of bouncy castles upon which customers bounced gleefully, mindless that outside their bubbles of pleasure there is a dangerous, hostile world. Recent bomb attacks were outside London nightclubs. A cool bar is unreal and like being in a dream. There is also the use of the hallucinatory effects of drugs in adverts. I saw an advert for vodka shots, which was a square of undulating shades of blue light. You do not see these colours by drinking vodka, gulps of air or not. You see this by taking ecstasy.On a normal evening in every town and city you see young women collapsed on the pavements usually being attended by paramedics and stretchered away comatose or with cracked heads. Is that all our young women are worth? They walk up to cars waiting at traffic lights and ask for lifts and often just open the door and get in. You see them staggering around the streets at 2 to 4 am lobbing their boobs out to stop passing cars for lifts. They are perfect victims for ethnics and asylum seekers who drive up and down the entertainment streets imitating private hire cars.
No wonder others have no respect for our womenwhen they have none for themselves People from other countries and ethnic groups have no respect for our corrupted women who they see as only good for one thing. Many are raped every weekend and not know it or who by, as they usually cannot remember how they got home. Later, they might want an abortion or find they are HIV-Positive!This preying on our degraded women came out recently when The Sun of 14 Nov 2008 reported than an illegal immigrant with HIV is feared to have infected hundreds of women in a massive health scandal, it emerged yesterday. The Jamaican man used hospital patients unmonitored for nearly a year preying on vulnerable patients for sex. The health authorities have now written to 420 women warning they may have been infected with the killer virus! The man is not being named but kept secret. He came here in 2002 on a visitor’s visa. He has slept with dozens of girls after searching nightclubs in Leicester.The Times of August 11 2007 reported on “growing concern" at the attitudes of some Asian men towards white girls which campaigners for women claim few people wish to address. Parents have complained that in parts of the country with large Asian communities white girls as young as 12 are being targeted for sex by older Asian men yet the authorities are unwilling to act because of fears of being labelled racist.Ann Cryer, a Labour member of the Commons Home Affairs Select Committee, has been at the forefront of attempting to tackle the problem after receiving complaints from mothers in her constituency about young Asian men targeting their under-age daughters.Although campaigners claim that hundreds of young girls are already being passed around men within the Asian community for sex, she said that attempts to raise the problem with community leaders had met with little success, with most of them being in a state of denial about it.Pop stars are arbiters of taste and behaviour and must take personal responsibility for the harm they have done to young people by creating degenerate images to make themselves millions. Young people identify with them and are beguiled by their rebellious and exciting images while in reality they live in mansions, employ gardeners, maids, cooks and butlers and send their children to the best schools.The man who destroyed old America, and undermined the western world Elvis Presley has a religious devotion 30 years after his death and his home Gracelands attracts worshippers on the scale of Lourdes or Mecca.These pop idols have replaced religious and national icons for millions of people. They are hypocrites who pose to corrupt and make money. Madonna in real life tried to live as an English country lady while in public she pretends to be a rebel effing and blinding and snogging Britney at award ceremonies. This degraded old thing is no longer influential but did a lot of harm especially by promoting S&M.On internet “Social Networking” sites for young people to meet others our young women present themselves as tarts and most say they “like getting drunk.” Their clothes and poses show them as anybody’s meat. They are imitating people on TV. talent shows and think they will be spotted, and slappers who have made fortunes showing their silicon boobs.Our elites promote these as role models for our young people, but only promote honourable and worthy people as role models for ethnic minorities. If you walk around an inner city school or community centre the walls are festooned with heroes from the histories of ethnic groups like Gandhi, Marcus Garvey or Harriet Tubman.On an entertainment street some bars are used for pills and others for cocaine and most door staff are pumped up on steroids. The drug goes with the music. The coke-heads are hyper and constantly making a sort of chewing motion. The staff of these bars put Vaseline on lavatory cisterns to try to stop customers doing lines of coke on them but the owners are usually on it themselves and door staff are often dealers.Another mode of destruction is Clubbing on Ecstasy. It is a special occasion like going to church on Sundays.There is an unfinished part of us that is reaching out to become satisfied or whole and this gives a temporary and artificial substitute. A common feature of ecstasy clubbers is a need to escape from themselves which in a healthier age would have led to a mystic journey in solitude as eremites counting their beads and communing with God. In our degraded times they are prey for the hard-headed business people who use any fashion to make money out of their own people.A young woman explained to me: “It heightens the music, makes it more epic.” In common with others it helps them to dance longer, but the important effect is that “It fills you full of love towards those around you, if a girl is being sick in the toilets you pull her hair back for her. I have only seen two fights in eight years of clubbing.” She compared this with aggressive pubs when people are drunk and violent fights ensue. It is a response to the betrayal of the needs of our young people by our Christian leaders and has fuelled artificial communities and the illusion of transcendence through drugs.The importation of cheap labour is justified by blaming us: “Eastern European Workers Shame Lazy Brits” scream the tabloids. It is incredible but the Labour Government and Trades Unions have virtually re-introduced Slavery as those encouraged here but classified as illegal immigrants work for almost nothing.On top of asylum seekers and families and spouses coming here, eastern European immigration makes a total of 1,000,000 per annum. Nurse graduates for example cannot find jobs.The elites see only good in ethics but find fault in us. They pretend they are “essentially good,” while we are essentially bad. Unfortunately many immigrants keep letting them down by shooting and knifing people, grooming our young girls and planting bombs.The one who brought totalitarianism and oppression into our legal system with the Campaign for Racial Equality, in the 1976 Community Relations Act, was Roy Jenkins. Biographer, John Campbell (Weidenfield & Nicolson.1983) tells us, that he believed, “That immigration was good for Britain and if people resisted they should be socially engineered into accepting it." Commonwealth immigrants like previous waves of immigrants from the Norman Conquest, to the refugees of the 30’s, could help overcome “our natural Island lethargy”.The practice has been our degradation. We need to re-introduce grammar Schools or even found new public schools to impart traditional values like honour, duty and service; others must consider Home Schooling networks to give our young the standard of education the state schools are denying them and to instill self-worth and a sense of belonging instead of teaching them to give up their country to outsiders and to become sexual perverts.We must revive local fairs and festivals and develop our Folk music traditions by taking traditional forms but using modern words and situations for the present time to express our sufferings under the elites. These are not rationalist formulae but suggestions for our creative young people to develop in practice. They will be able to forge natural, emotional bonds with their own people, their traditions and civilisation. Thank you and thank you Mister Fox.

Thursday, 31 January 2008

Britannia - God Bless Her

Gordon Brown has once again shown his real colours by approving the removal of Britannia from the 50 pence coin. Britannia is the symbol which many people believe is based upon a Roman goddess but in fact the symbol has a heritage that goes much further back than that. The name Britan, or Bridget as the name is now known was an ancient goddess of nature and Annia was an ancient goddess of love or fertility. The symbol has featured on British coins for 300 years, and the redesign by Royal Mint will be the first time in hundreds of years that she has not featured on any British coinage. All British coins will be changed shortly, with traditional images replaced by things representing "modern Britain" (I expect to see all sorts of images which are NOT British, NOT traditional and certainly NOT aimed towards celebrating any remaining vestiges of our fast dissappearing British Culture) . The traitor Brown has repeatedly claimed, since taking over from the war criminal Blair, that he is above all "patriotic". This is a lie which was exposed when it was discovered that he approved the removal of Britannia whilst he was still Chancellor. As well the image of Britannia, the crowned lion and chained portcullis found on some coins will disappear. From 1797 to 1970 she featured on the one penny coin before being moved to the fifty pence coin.Once again the traitor Brown, who sold us out with his signature on the shackles known as the EU Constitution without giving the British public any say, has shown just how "patriotic" he really is! If i wasnt already a member this is the sort of thing would drive me towards the BNP!

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Fine "British" Citizens

This from the press:

Two British teenage girls have been sentenced to nine months in prison for trying to smuggle cocaine out of Ghana in laptop bags.
Yasemin Vatansever and Yatunde Diya, both 16, were sentenced by a court in the capital, Accra.
Because they have been in prison since first being arrested last July they have less than three months of the sentence to complete.
The girls, from London, were held on July 2 at Accra's airport after anti-drugs officers found 13lbs of cocaine in two laptop bags they were carrying as they boarded a flight to Britain.
A spokesman for the Ghana narcotics board said the girls will be released on April 18.
He added: "The girls get a second chance not to repeat what they did. The message is clear to everybody. Once you do it and get caught you will pay for it."
He said they will serve the remainder of their sentences at a juvenile detention centre in Accra.
Asked if the girls might be sent home to England to serve out their time, a British High Commission spokesman said such a move would not make sense.
"The crime was committed here, the trial was held here, and that's it," he said.
The head of the girls' legal team had previously said they planned to appeal against the conviction.

Well excuse me if i appear a little underwhelmed by the sentence. Nine months for 13 pounds of drugs and i think we are soft here! With fine English names such as these drug smugglers have i wonder if the British authorities will check on their return to see if the girls are imports to our country? - if so, will they be deported? This governing junta of ours always cease to amaze me and will no doubt do so on this occassion too.

It has been pointed out to me that if what they had was "pure" cocaine you could be looking at dealers here in the uk "cutting" it by a factor of 10 to 20 in this country. So their 13lbs becomes at least 130lbs. Now if you sell at on the street at between £40 and £50 per gram you see that you are looking at half a million if it could not be cut or several million if it could.