Wednesday, 28 March 2007

Fair Minded Report

The Spalding Guardian paper recently interviewd Nick Griffin when he came to speak at a local venue. the coverage was even-handed and fair. The paper has printed many letters from supporters over the years and is one of the better local papers. the report can be viewed here by clicking the link!

A Busy Time

Well the last couple of weeks have been hectic, thats for sure! With the May 3rd elections only a few weeks away it has been all hands to the pumps. Due to the extra workload i have not been able to post as regularly as i would like too, and this does not look like changing much until May!
However i will endeavour to catch up with some posts over the next few days.

The Daily Mirror, toilet rag that it is, owned by the Trinity Mirror Group has had its own bus out and about celebrating the benefits of our multi-culti land (as seen through the rose tinted spectacles that are supplied when they climb into their ivory towers), and completely ignoring the reality of the situation on the streets here in Britain. I can and do cook a good curry but it dosent mean i want thirteen take-aways on my high street, yet the Mirror tells its picture readers that this is whats great about diversity! Visit my town and the benefits are here for all to enjoy.
Enjoy NOT being able to get an NHS dentist
Enjoy the louts outside the local takeaways scumming up the pavements til all hours
Enjoy being on the bottom of the housing list for 8 years as the "priority" cases are dealt with first (thats anyone not born here,on the scrounge and never paid a penny into the system they are encouraged to pillage at the expense of the indigenous population)
Enjoy drunken foreign criminals driving like madmen around the town
Enjoy your council tax increases to finance "diversity" initiatives - at your cost!
Enjoy the South African shop
Enjoy the Polish shop
Enjoy the closure of your home-grown local shops and the increase of take-aways and betting shops on the high street.

If, like me, you are actually NOT enjoying this celebration of every-other-culture-except-your-own, then on May 3rd VOTE BNP!

Saturday, 10 March 2007

Cry "God for Harry! England and Saint George!".

The hair-raising battle cry of Henry V extolling his countrymen into the breech at the siege of Harfleur against the French in William Shakespeares Henry V. My fellow nationalist blogger The Green Arrow (link on left) has today called for a new crusade against the forces of darkness that are arrayed against the freeborn British people of this land. The Free English people are stirring again, waking from the sleep that the country has been in for the last decade of marxist rule. Our lands have been traded piece by piece by our traitorous politicians to the power-mongers of the EU, the ever more fervent demands of the Muslims jihadists,and they have encouraged morally bankrupt narcissitic lifestyles and the have now - pay later consumer culture that we are led to believe will bring us contentment, if not happiness. All of these issues are a threat to our well-being as a nation of free people. The modern crusaders, the defenders of our homeland, are the BNP. The British National Party, outnumbered, outgunned, and with a hostile media attacking us almost daily, stand firm in our defence of the Free British People. The future of Britain is the BNP and is in your hands! Join, support and vote for the BNP at the May 3rd elections. No candidate to vote for? Fight for your freedom, have some guts, and stand yourself!
This is no time for armchair warriors, but a time to make a stand - stand up for yourself, your children and your childrens children! They will thank you for it in the long run. If you are not prepared to join the New Crusade then yes, youll live, but you will live under the yoke of ever more oppressive legislation, muslim law as they push and push towards an islamic state,and the status of a second class citizen in your own homeland. Fight, and we MAY lose - but we will go down fighting, not grovelling, not scared to speak out and in the knowledge of knowing who we are! BUT we can win, and winning changes all the rules! Our country back to safe and secure borders, a country with a first class health and education system for all OUR people. So i urge each and every one of you to rally to the new crusade and help the BNP in our defence of this sceptred isle! Once more into the breech! Once more into the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead. Cry "God for Harry!, England and St.George!"

William Shakespeare
"And gentlemen in England now abed shall think themselves accursed they were not here, And hold their manhoods cheap while any speaks that fought with us upon Saint Crispin's day"

Friday, 9 March 2007

Backlog of Illegals Cleared

Well i dont know about the rest of you but yesterday i had my ear glued to the radio throughout the day. I eagerly anticipated announcers reporting our ferryports and airports at a complete standstill as hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants with mobile phones exited our land poste haste, under what must rank as one of the hardest hitting government initiatives we have yet seen! How many actually left? That would be none then, Mr Reid? Nil, nada, zilch. I want to know what these boys in the homeoffice are on - maybe some of Cameroons stash? After getting over my shock at finding my country still full of illegals, i thought of a few questions:
1) Were they text in English? If so - we may as well give up now, as even half the bloody "legals" cant speak English after years here.
2)If they were text in a multitude of foreign tongues - how many languages and translators were involved?
3)Were they given phone credit to "pass it on"?
4)Were any that did turn up for deportation sent back into the UK as they didnt have a passport?
5) If we have their phone numbers then they can be traced easily and removed from the country - why havent we done so?

The mind boggles! I also understand that they will no longer be allowed to claim benefits. Excuse me, but for a moment there i thought Reid said "no longer claim benefits" - does the word "illegal" as applied to criminal immigrants mean nothing to our "not fit for purpose" home secretary? How in gods name are we giving money and services to people who are not even here legally! As usual the liberal left bedwetters are wringing their hands and snivelling into their fairtrade hankies that this will cause hardship amongst the illegals, making them destitute and more likely to turn to crime (like that isnt an issue currently?). Its a tough old world out there and in Britain we are full up and fed up! Reid needs to get a grip on reality and then get a grip on these illegals and remove them pronto. That will save the taxpayer (yes - you and i again) countless millions of pounds, would mean some additional work would become available for the indigenous British population AT A DECENT RATE of pay (this "argument", if it can be called one, that the migrants and illegals "do the jobs the british wont" is garbage and morally flawed - it is corporate greed - that is all!).
I am sure the government will roll out further "initiatives" over the coming weeks as we head towards various elections. This type of action does nothing but give ammunition to the chattering classes, making no impact at all in the real world we inhabit.

Post Script: apparently ONE illegal was sighted on a li-lo heading towards France. However when apprehended he claimed (through a taxpayer paid for translator) he had merely got the tide times wrong and would be back again tommorow

Rupert Brooke (1887-1915) - English Poet:

If i should die, think only this of me: That there's some corner of a foreign field that is for ever England. There shall be in that rich earth a richer dust concealed, a dust whom England bore, shaped, made aware, gave once, her flowers to love, her ways to roam, a body of England's, breathing English air, washed by the rivers, blest by suns of home.
And think, this heart, all evil shed away, a pulse in the eternal mind, no less gives somewhere back the thoughts by England given, her sights and sounds, dreams happy as her day, and laughter, learnt of friends,and gentleness, in hearts at peace, under an English heaven".
("The Soldier" - 1914)

Saturday, 3 March 2007

Muslims Pushed Back Again............

In an earlier post i wrote about a case in Buckinghamshire where a muslim pupil was taking legal action (or rather the people behind her were - she is only 12) to allow the wearing of the niqab - the full-face or "letterbox" veil. It appeared that as is the norm it was going to cost us (the taxpayer) a shedload of our hard earned money whichever way the case went. However, in what appears as a glint of common sense from the courts, her case has been lost and she cannot wear the veil in school! For legal reasons, both the girl and the school cannot be identified and it is believed the girl has been taught at home (at a cost to the taxpayer no doubt!) after falling foul of the ban last year. About 120 of the school's 1300 pupils are Muslims. About half of them wear the hijab headscarf, which is allowed. In his judgement, Mr Justice Silber said the ban was "proportionate". Firstly because the veil prevented teachers from seeing the faces and expressions of the pupils. Secondly, the necessity of enforcing a reasonable school uniform policy to ensure equality (hmm - theres THAT word again) amongst the pupils; thirdly to prevent peer pressure on girls to take up wearing the full veil/letterbox and, finally, to avoid unwanted visitors using the veil as a disguise in order to breach the school's security.The school's head teacher welcomed the court's decision and costs in the case were awarded against the girl's family. Well thats good news - the banning of this bat headgear is to be welcomed always as it is not a religious requirement for muslims, only an outwardly visible sign of separation and non-integration into the host community here in the UK. And they have had the costs awarded against them! This is great news for the taxpayer and maybe, just maybe, might make these people think again before pushing at the boundaries of hospitality and law in this isle of ours. When will these people realise that our country and constitution (the Bill of Rights, such as it is) is not a "living" document that is open to change by whatever bunch of chancers fancy their arm to do so. If you want to live here then abide by OUR laws, OUR culture, OUR rules - if you dont like it then leave and go and live in an islamic state elsewhere! OUR COUNTRY IS NOT FOR YOU TO DO AS YOU WANT!

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
"This blessed plot, this earth, this realm. This England, this nurse, this teaming womb of royal kings".
(John of Gaunts speech in Richard II)

Poles Apart

The Polish health service are refusing to treat Britons who fall ill while in their country! Instead the unfortunate potential patients are being sent back to the UK for treatment. The poles first claimed it was on the grounds of spreading infection. So, let me get this right, you have an infectious illness but instead of a course of treatment "on site" so to speak, you have to travel home and during the trip you will not infect anyone else? I did check that this was Poland and NOT Ireland - and indeed it is. After being soundly bashed by blisteringly belligerent Britons complaining to their embassies the Poles then came up with another "reason" for the non treatment of foreign nationals. Namely that their health service was overloaded and could not cope! Im sorry but for a moment there i thought they said they could not cope? After nearly choking on my Cocoa (good job i wasnt in poland, eh?) i thought about the implications. Now we have god only knows how many Poles here in the UK (three-quarters of a million seems to be the standard uneducated guess) ALL with access to our third world health service for free. Our local hospital, the Pilgrim (oh the irony) at Boston is full of poles and other foreign nationals. It is particularly full in A & E at the weekends when they seek treatment after sharing their "culture" with each other - a culture seeming to consist of getting as pissed as possible on cheap vodka and bashing each other about, or crashing their uninsured cars while semi-comatose (im not joking here - i have seen it with my own eyes, the worst being three separate car crashes on my local high street on a friday night with the drivers too drunk even to get out of the cars). We should take a leaf out of the poles book and refuse to treat these drunken, self injuring sons-of-bitches and send THEM back to poland for treatment. Every nurse, doctor or staff member at our hospitals could then get on treating the British people who have contributed something to the service instead of patching up unwanted cheap foreign labour who ignore many of our laws and cause untold damage to our health service by clogging the system through their own stupidity.
Britain is being severely damaged by cheap foreign labour - we are paying £77 million in benefits to them each year as well a providing translators, school places etc - and that is without the impact of job losses among the local British workforce. The BNP will exit the EU as fast a you can say " a chep buttle ov wodka ant an ambu-lence pleez" and stop the farcial shennanigans of many of these so called "guest workers" - who are certainly not guests nor, judging by the amount of benefits they are scrounging, workers either! VOTE BNP! OUT OF EUROPE!

William Wordsworth - Poet
"We must be free or die, who speak the tongue that Shakespeare spoke, the faith and morals which Milton held..."