Thursday, 13 December 2007


Gordon Brown and his band of marxists have today put another nail in the coffin of Great Britain. Without having the guts to go and put his own "X" on the "revised" EU Treaty, he sent one of his running dogs to put his paw print on instead. This man promised the Free British People a referendum on this constitution and he has reneged on this solemn oath. Brown is a man of no integrity, a traitor to his own people and how he has the audacity to continue to masquerade as a man for the people is beyond me. We have an opportunity in next years London elections to give this treasonous party a bloody nose. Vote for the BNP and start to reclaim your heritage. Not until we have a Nationalist government will we have the will to withdraw from the EU superstate, control our own borders and give priority to our own people.
Brown - You should hang your head in shame for this foul deed.


Anonymous said...

How about an emergency general meeting?

Iris said...

While agent provocateurs within the party were fomenting unrest and the gullible were caught up this is what happened?
While all the bloggers should have been force feeding it to the public the agents of searchlight/government kept you busy over Mark Collett?
Do you still think EIE was right, or the new alasmithandgraham?