Thursday, 31 January 2008

Britannia - God Bless Her

Gordon Brown has once again shown his real colours by approving the removal of Britannia from the 50 pence coin. Britannia is the symbol which many people believe is based upon a Roman goddess but in fact the symbol has a heritage that goes much further back than that. The name Britan, or Bridget as the name is now known was an ancient goddess of nature and Annia was an ancient goddess of love or fertility. The symbol has featured on British coins for 300 years, and the redesign by Royal Mint will be the first time in hundreds of years that she has not featured on any British coinage. All British coins will be changed shortly, with traditional images replaced by things representing "modern Britain" (I expect to see all sorts of images which are NOT British, NOT traditional and certainly NOT aimed towards celebrating any remaining vestiges of our fast dissappearing British Culture) . The traitor Brown has repeatedly claimed, since taking over from the war criminal Blair, that he is above all "patriotic". This is a lie which was exposed when it was discovered that he approved the removal of Britannia whilst he was still Chancellor. As well the image of Britannia, the crowned lion and chained portcullis found on some coins will disappear. From 1797 to 1970 she featured on the one penny coin before being moved to the fifty pence coin.Once again the traitor Brown, who sold us out with his signature on the shackles known as the EU Constitution without giving the British public any say, has shown just how "patriotic" he really is! If i wasnt already a member this is the sort of thing would drive me towards the BNP!


defender said...

Time to stir ourselves, politics is useless for what needs doing.
Time for people to unite for their survival.
We need to make a stand as a people. Time is not in our favour.
I have tried the BNP route and they have no answer. They are left of the Daily Mail.

Knowledge Is Power said...

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Get rich quick said...

We need the EU

John said...

"It is time for action", "Time to stir ourselves", "We must act now!"

Time and time again I hear these words, but nobody actually does anything. This sort of talk puts me in mind of the 'Peoples Front of Judea' in the film "The Life of Brian".
Reg (the leader) was always saying the same things, but was reluctant to take action, so nothing ever got done!

"What have the Romans ever done for us?" For 'Romans' read 'Islam'.

We need a strong determined man to come forward and lead us out of this hell-hole called Britanistan.

The BNP Chronicle said...

Hi, any chance you can link, as we have for you, cheers