Friday, 6 April 2007

Look For Us Coming On The Dawn Of The Fourth Day

All over this sceptered isle of ours the beleagured citizens of the land are being overun by the forces of darkness. Our traitorous politicians and their servants are continually pushing our people further down the path of political correctness, the islamification of our our once great land, and we are made to feel normal is abnormal and vice versa - and may God help you if you defy them! A band of brave men and women stand together, and even now are rallying to lead the fightback against this horde of self serving multiculturalists. The British Resistance - the BNP - are fielding a record number of candidates in the May 3rd elections ( of which i am proud to be among their number) in an attempt to turn back the yoke descending on the free indigenous people of these islands. The election is set for the Third of May in the year of our Lord 2007, and although some of us will fall to wayside, a number of us will be elected. The election results will be published on the 4th May - so, Look For Us Coming On The Dawn Of The Fourth Day - the tide will turn. You need to have faith in your fellow countrymen and you need to VOTE. VOTE BNP!

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)
"I see the damage done by the enemy....but I also see the spirit of an unconquerable people."


The Green Arrow said...


A good post. You can get a link to a countdown timer on Green Arrow.

I think May 3rd should be known as B.N.P. Day?

shieldwall said...

The best of luck LP,I reckon we will take a lot of scalps on the day,God willing!.

Nikola said...

Good luck!

Barnsley Nationalist said...

Good luck to you and all your team.
Regards Barnsley

British National Party member said...

The BNP are Britains A-team!