Friday, 4 May 2007

Holbeach Town Ward Results

It is under a year since Cllr Revd Robert West fled from the CONservatives as one of their District Councillors and found political asylum from Cameron's mind-bending 'political correctness' with the British National Party.

Now on 3rd May 2007 the Holbeach Town Ward Unit of the BNP contested the same three-Member ward and achieved 2000 votes for its three candidates whilst the Tories - with 3,000 votes - took all the three vacancies for the town. The Independents trailed with about 1,000 votes. Cheers of triumph resounded from the Tory side when it became clear that Revd West had failed to regain his seat, this time as a BNP candidate. However, elation soon turned to grimace as, on local TV and to the local press, the Revd graciously castigated the Conservative Party as leading this country to ruin; and pointed out - in his full clerical garb - how only the BNP could turn Britain round to achieve what is right and capture the values that made us what we are, what we once were; and what we should be in the futurre. There was no air of defeat about the Holbeach BNP Unit - far from it with such a result from nowhere and in such a short period of political time.

In the bigger scheme of things the result in Holbeach is a major success: it shows what can be done with dedication even in one of Toryland's safest seats and wards. Watch-out traitor-tory con-man: the BNP are here, and we are here to stay. But neither will we be resting on our laurels. Many lessons have been learnt and will continue to be learned in the next few months and years as we work for total victory in our country over the forces of wickedness which seek to engulf us.

The detailed breakdown was as follows:

Francis Biggadyke (Conservative) 1116
Rudkin (Conservative) 893
Michael Taylor (Conservative) 868
Tony Turner (BNP) 665
Rev Robert West (BNP) 650
Peter Chapman (BNP) 605
Michael Howard (Independent) 558
Warrender (Independent) 475

Sir Winston Churchill (1874-1965)
"We shall go on till the end, we shall fight in France, we shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air, we shall defend our island what ever the cost may be. We shall fight on the beaches and we shall fight on the landing grounds, we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills. We will never surrender".
(Extract from speech delivered on 13th May 1940)


The Green Arrow said...

Ignore Fister Lincoln. He is everywhere. He has a bit a deviant blog and this how he gets his kicks. He is also trying to increase his link ratings. Best delete him. Different if he was making a point.

Bourne Patriot said...

Mr Fister seems to be some sort of political commentator, who enjoys sitting on a finger or three!

I've loooked at his blog, and its nothing special. I would imagine he's unemployed, fat and single. He has nothing to say about himself much and plenty to bitch about everyone else. He wouldn't know how to debate if he tried!

The Holbeach town result is a GREAT result for the BNP. 25% of the vote is considerable in a Tory heartland.

The campaign was clean and without smear on our part, and we fought hard on the local issues. It's was a shame that the local tories did nothing but tell lies, and didn't even suggest a local issue that they might gain public support with.

Hammered isn't the word i'd use. we didnt get hammered, and for a first campaign, i think we've seriously worried the opposition. Long may it continue, and long may little willied Mr Fister rot in hell with his commie scum mates.

The Lincolnshire Patriot said...

I personally am very pleased with our result. A few negative comments are irrelevant to me - i have nothing but admiration for my fellow patriots and nothing but contempt for armchair commies and their rhetoric. I wont even bother looking for his blog. Thanks for all your support over the last months and keep up the good work!

British National Party member said...

Sir, well done you, quite sincerely!

The good Revd.. may well enjoy a book i own entitled "the trumpet sounds for Britain", which i recommend he checks out. It is also by a religious man on the fall or the country, i believe it was first published in the 70's.

All the best,

British National Party member said...

'mr fister' has photo's on his site that he definitely hasn't been given permission to use. Im a big free speech person but in his case i would remove the link to his blog or just ban him.

The Green Arrow said...

Hi Lincoln,

Saw your comment on the Wiltshire Times. Excellent.

How about a new post on this site?
Something snappy I can link to.

Good Luck