Thursday, 31 May 2007


Well, i am not quite foaming at the mouth but its surprising that i am not with the poisonous pro homo propaganda being taught to our youngsters. Schools here in Lincolnshire have rolled out a number of books extolling the "alternative" lifestyle "option" of homosexulaity. This filth is being peddled to children as young as four. Here in the sick and twisted minds of our so-called liberal government the normalisation of the abnormal and the abnormalisation of the normal is the order of the day. Speak out and you are immediately villified as "homophobic" (whatever the hell that means) and this is designed to make you feel the odd one out. The Bible describes homosexuality as an abomination (brings a whole new meaning to Sodom and Gommorah). Even the Muslims are anti (must have slipped past mohammed, that one). The fact is it does exist BUT that does not mean it should be promoted as normal. The main driver of life on earth is procreation - the survival of the species. This means having children, and however you dress up homosexuality, they cannot have offspring. Less than fifty years ago homosexuality was illegal in this country. This was beacause in those not so far off days the law of the land recognised homosexuality as wrong, in both the biblical and natural sense. Our government, a government with absolutely no moral compass, is failing our society by allowing an anything goes culture, with minority groups screaming for their "rights", and with never a thought for anything or anyone outside of their own small sphere of self gratification. The teaching of homosexuality in our schools, and anywhere else for that matter, is a direct contradiction of this countrys christian values and as such should be immediately removed from all curriculums and from all public exposure.

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