Friday, 5 December 2008

The Lion Roars

Once again we have seen a week of turmoil - from redundacies, social service failures, stalling economy, murders and the marxist approved arrest of an opposition MP. I do not despair BUT i do wonder just when our people will remove the blinkers from their eyes and actually wake up to the lives they lead and the type of country they lead it in. An economy based on wage slavery and debt is not fit for purpose. Times are hard and by God they are going to get harder. My own disposable income (money to spend after paying my way) has shrunk. I am lucky as i am a reasonably high earner - but my job security is minimal, i have already seen colleagues go to the "wall", out of a job. There are NO easy answers to the financial catastrophe we are currently facing. We MUST change the type of government we currently have. The BNP has a series of policies that will at least start to address the malaise that afficts this island home of ours. I do not think that my party (the BNP) has all the answers, BUT our party has OUR interests at heart - no talk of "globalisation", the "benefits of the EU" or other such nonsenses trotted out by our existing three tier party system, all of whom have policies which, when dissected, you could not even separate with a cigarette paper. 2009 will be a milestone year in Nationalist politics - i know you hear this every year - BUT i believe 2009 will be a make or break year for us (not neccessarily for the BNP, but for the Nationalist cause per se). The internet is a wonderfull tool for nationalists but apart from our regular supporters and the "anonymous" comments, we actually attract a relatively small proportion of the voting public - the way forward is through "feet on the street" - nothing, and i mean NOTHING beats beats spreading the word on the street. This dosent have to mean official BNP activity, just talk in your local pub, snooker hall, shop - You dont even have to mention the BNP, and you will be surprised at the tacit level of support we have. Turn this to votes and we will be further down our path to election. The BNP stood locally last year in an area with no previous BNP/Nationalist activity and took 24.6% of the vote - next year it will do better"!

My point is this - we may not have a perfect party, may not offer perfect solutions - but what we have is a "Espirit De Corps" within the Nationalist community, which, if effectively mobilised, will make great inroads into the publics hearts and minds - and in this, my friends, lies the path to success.

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