Friday, 5 December 2008

BNP Role Of Honour Update

The leaked membership list investigation has resulted in two arrests in Brinsley, Nottinghamshire. I wonder who that could be? Shady Sadie is one for my money - which is what i thought from the beginning. Sadie Graham - SCUM! I hope you have a much harder life from here on in, and when you do, think of all the old ladies and women in the BNP who had unwanted and unwarranted phone calls ans abuse thanks to you!And may God help you because the Nationalist cause wont.


Red Squirrel said...

That horrible Graham woman must have an ego as big as Jupiter! Every photograph I have seen of her she looks very sly, smug and malicious.
Well she has had her 15 minutes of infamy and good riddance to her and her little band of traitors and red moles!

Anonymous said...
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