Saturday, 23 December 2006

A Small Victory

Christians 1 - Lancashire Police 0 - Taxpayer?

A Christian couple questioned by police for describing homosexuality as "morally wrong" have won a £10,000 payout and an apology.
Helen and Joe Roberts were reported to Lancashire Constabulary last December after they asked Wyre Borough Council to display Christian literature alongside leaflets about gay rights.
The council refused, which prompted Mrs Roberts to make a telephone complaint in which she described homosexual practice as "morally wrong".
Two police officers then visited the Roberts' home, in Fleetwood, and questioned them for an hour and 20 minutes about their moral beliefs.
The couple took legal action against Lancashire Constabulary and Wyre Borough Council for infringing their freedom of expression and religious belief, and a High Court hearing was due to take place next month.
The Roberts have now agreed to drop the action after both the police and council apologised and offered £10,000, which will be donated to charity, plus legal costs.
In a written apology, Lancashire Police accepted they should have made proper inquiries before deploying officers.
The apology states: "The decision to send the officers was made after consideration. However, on reflection, we do believe that further inquiries should have been made before they were deployed.
"Had those inquiries been undertaken then we accept it is very likely that our approach would have been different and the officers would not have been deployed.
"We understand the distress you felt at, and following, the visit from the police officers, and we regret that. We fully accept that we now know that you never committed or threatened any crime

I remember reading about the disgusting treatment this couple had received from our over zealous and completely non-impartial political police and am pleased the Roberts have been vindicated. A point though. How much did it cost to pursue the Roberts? How much were the police legal costs and finally - the £10,000 the Roberts chosen charity will recieve - Who pays for it all? Youve guessed - THE TAXPAYER! Thats you and me.Out of pocket again.

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