Saturday, 23 December 2006

Who will support YOU?

Thanks to Sir John Bull (link on left)

Who will support YOU?
It's just so easy for the red fascists. They simply pick off their opponents one by one, safe in the knowledge that everyone else is either too insular or too frightened to object. This 'salami slicing' tactic ensures that their opponents are always weaker and less numerous than they are, and enables the red fascists to win every time.Take the sporting fraternity, for instance. First the red fascists went for the shooters, and everyone else looked away, because they didn't own guns. Then the red fascists went for the stag hunters, and everyone else looked away, because they didn't hunt stags. Then the red fascists went for the fox hunters, and everyone else looked away, because they didn't hunt foxes. Now the red fascists are targeting the fishermen - and who will speak up for them now?Or consider the wider picture. Free speech is being abolished by the red fascists, slice by slice. First they ban race hatred and the incitement of race hatred - and who could possibly object to that? After all, who on earth would actually support the spreading of racial hatred? This was a deliberate ploy to invent a non-existent enemy so that no-one would object to the criminalisation of that enemy. So of course no-one objects to such reasonable legislation which will never affect them - they know it only applies to those 'racist' political extremists (they know they're 'racist' because the red fascists have told them so). But then, from such an innocuous start, the red fascists start to expand the definition of incitement of racial hatred, until any complaint, any objection, or any expression of discontent which could even remotely be inferred to have a racial element is becoming criminalised. The same procedure is then applied to issues of gender, then sexuality, and now religion. Now, suddenly, old soldiers, political leaders, journalists and normal, ordinary men everywhere are being persecuted for speaking their minds and expressing their concerns about modern society. Finally we have the situation where Christian unions are being banned by universities. Who will speak up for them now?Or consider our culture. First the red fascists start to attack shows like the 'black and white minstrels', or children's characters like golliwogs, or advertisements showing beautiful scantily clad bimbos, and each time the public stays silent because each complaint is considered a one-off, too trivial to worry about. And now we have the situation where the wearing of the cross is banned by British Airways. Who will speak up for Christians now?The red fascists are now targeting Christians safe in the knowledge that practising Christians are a minority, and that most people will simply look away. There is also another consideration. The red fascists know that as each group has been targeted, one by one, they have also been demonised in order to prevent them coming together. If only the general public understood that the red fascists will never be satisfied until they have subjugated everyone who does not agree with them. Then maybe people would open their eyes and see that their interests are best served not by cowering under the duvet but by standing shoulder to shoulder and resisting the red fascists.There is only one political party which is prepared to resist the red fascists, rather than roll over and hope to appease them, and that is the British National Party - and that is why the BNP is the prime target of their lies, abuse and attacks. But if you don't support the BNP, when the red fascists come knocking on your door who will support YOU?

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Altruist said...

Who could not agree? The sinister methods employed are alien to our culture. But who are 'they'? I have yet to meet anyone who would disagree with the fact that the country is falling into the hands of vocal minorities. But it is difficult to engage with them when they are so anonymous. Even more so when we cannot see a point to their activities. The anti-hunt fraternity may have a point. I see no problem with fox-hunting, but I can see stag hunting being difficult to accept - no pest argument, and stalking is fairer to the animal. But controlling free-born citizens in a society through the implementation of Statutes once a non-definitive law has been forced through, now that is spooky! I suppose the hunting ban and smoking ban are small steps along the way to a total freedom ban. In America your freedom seems to depend on your willingness to buy-in to that government's portrayal of world events and how those events can threaten their society. With our long history of dealing with potential threat, perhaps we are too cynical to believe that our freedoms are worth giving up. We've 'seen it all before'. If you accept that, then our domestic leaders must have another agenda. It is easy to see how they can retain their grip on power. Postal voting at election time, a third of all households dependant on some form of government subsidy, a quarter of the workforce in their employ, a massive influx of immigrants beholden to them for their new lifestyle, and a natural reluctance of the majority to acknowledge their leaders could be guilty of duplicity. After all, the indigenous population of England has been cultivated in the ethos of 'fair play' and 'altruism' through the ages. Perhaps we are descending into the Orwellian nightmare as predicted in Animal Farm. Perhaps our leader, Napolean, with his fixation on windmills will ensure that all his Boxers die off. Perhaps ALL the government, instead of the present two thirds, will be able to trace their ancestry to Scotland. And perhaps we might all wake up before it is too late.