Saturday, 3 March 2007

Muslims Pushed Back Again............

In an earlier post i wrote about a case in Buckinghamshire where a muslim pupil was taking legal action (or rather the people behind her were - she is only 12) to allow the wearing of the niqab - the full-face or "letterbox" veil. It appeared that as is the norm it was going to cost us (the taxpayer) a shedload of our hard earned money whichever way the case went. However, in what appears as a glint of common sense from the courts, her case has been lost and she cannot wear the veil in school! For legal reasons, both the girl and the school cannot be identified and it is believed the girl has been taught at home (at a cost to the taxpayer no doubt!) after falling foul of the ban last year. About 120 of the school's 1300 pupils are Muslims. About half of them wear the hijab headscarf, which is allowed. In his judgement, Mr Justice Silber said the ban was "proportionate". Firstly because the veil prevented teachers from seeing the faces and expressions of the pupils. Secondly, the necessity of enforcing a reasonable school uniform policy to ensure equality (hmm - theres THAT word again) amongst the pupils; thirdly to prevent peer pressure on girls to take up wearing the full veil/letterbox and, finally, to avoid unwanted visitors using the veil as a disguise in order to breach the school's security.The school's head teacher welcomed the court's decision and costs in the case were awarded against the girl's family. Well thats good news - the banning of this bat headgear is to be welcomed always as it is not a religious requirement for muslims, only an outwardly visible sign of separation and non-integration into the host community here in the UK. And they have had the costs awarded against them! This is great news for the taxpayer and maybe, just maybe, might make these people think again before pushing at the boundaries of hospitality and law in this isle of ours. When will these people realise that our country and constitution (the Bill of Rights, such as it is) is not a "living" document that is open to change by whatever bunch of chancers fancy their arm to do so. If you want to live here then abide by OUR laws, OUR culture, OUR rules - if you dont like it then leave and go and live in an islamic state elsewhere! OUR COUNTRY IS NOT FOR YOU TO DO AS YOU WANT!

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)
"This blessed plot, this earth, this realm. This England, this nurse, this teaming womb of royal kings".
(John of Gaunts speech in Richard II)

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Nikola said...

The more they push there luck, the more that the natives will have their patience tested, and sooner people will say enough is enough.