Saturday, 3 March 2007

Poles Apart

The Polish health service are refusing to treat Britons who fall ill while in their country! Instead the unfortunate potential patients are being sent back to the UK for treatment. The poles first claimed it was on the grounds of spreading infection. So, let me get this right, you have an infectious illness but instead of a course of treatment "on site" so to speak, you have to travel home and during the trip you will not infect anyone else? I did check that this was Poland and NOT Ireland - and indeed it is. After being soundly bashed by blisteringly belligerent Britons complaining to their embassies the Poles then came up with another "reason" for the non treatment of foreign nationals. Namely that their health service was overloaded and could not cope! Im sorry but for a moment there i thought they said they could not cope? After nearly choking on my Cocoa (good job i wasnt in poland, eh?) i thought about the implications. Now we have god only knows how many Poles here in the UK (three-quarters of a million seems to be the standard uneducated guess) ALL with access to our third world health service for free. Our local hospital, the Pilgrim (oh the irony) at Boston is full of poles and other foreign nationals. It is particularly full in A & E at the weekends when they seek treatment after sharing their "culture" with each other - a culture seeming to consist of getting as pissed as possible on cheap vodka and bashing each other about, or crashing their uninsured cars while semi-comatose (im not joking here - i have seen it with my own eyes, the worst being three separate car crashes on my local high street on a friday night with the drivers too drunk even to get out of the cars). We should take a leaf out of the poles book and refuse to treat these drunken, self injuring sons-of-bitches and send THEM back to poland for treatment. Every nurse, doctor or staff member at our hospitals could then get on treating the British people who have contributed something to the service instead of patching up unwanted cheap foreign labour who ignore many of our laws and cause untold damage to our health service by clogging the system through their own stupidity.
Britain is being severely damaged by cheap foreign labour - we are paying £77 million in benefits to them each year as well a providing translators, school places etc - and that is without the impact of job losses among the local British workforce. The BNP will exit the EU as fast a you can say " a chep buttle ov wodka ant an ambu-lence pleez" and stop the farcial shennanigans of many of these so called "guest workers" - who are certainly not guests nor, judging by the amount of benefits they are scrounging, workers either! VOTE BNP! OUT OF EUROPE!

William Wordsworth - Poet
"We must be free or die, who speak the tongue that Shakespeare spoke, the faith and morals which Milton held..."

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