Wednesday, 28 March 2007

A Busy Time

Well the last couple of weeks have been hectic, thats for sure! With the May 3rd elections only a few weeks away it has been all hands to the pumps. Due to the extra workload i have not been able to post as regularly as i would like too, and this does not look like changing much until May!
However i will endeavour to catch up with some posts over the next few days.

The Daily Mirror, toilet rag that it is, owned by the Trinity Mirror Group has had its own bus out and about celebrating the benefits of our multi-culti land (as seen through the rose tinted spectacles that are supplied when they climb into their ivory towers), and completely ignoring the reality of the situation on the streets here in Britain. I can and do cook a good curry but it dosent mean i want thirteen take-aways on my high street, yet the Mirror tells its picture readers that this is whats great about diversity! Visit my town and the benefits are here for all to enjoy.
Enjoy NOT being able to get an NHS dentist
Enjoy the louts outside the local takeaways scumming up the pavements til all hours
Enjoy being on the bottom of the housing list for 8 years as the "priority" cases are dealt with first (thats anyone not born here,on the scrounge and never paid a penny into the system they are encouraged to pillage at the expense of the indigenous population)
Enjoy drunken foreign criminals driving like madmen around the town
Enjoy your council tax increases to finance "diversity" initiatives - at your cost!
Enjoy the South African shop
Enjoy the Polish shop
Enjoy the closure of your home-grown local shops and the increase of take-aways and betting shops on the high street.

If, like me, you are actually NOT enjoying this celebration of every-other-culture-except-your-own, then on May 3rd VOTE BNP!

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The Green Arrow said...

A great post Lincolnshire. I just pray that the people of Great Britain are listening to the alarm bells.