Friday, 28 November 2008

Why Am I NOT Surprised?

Two of the gunmen arrested after the Mumbai atrocities were of British descent, the country's chief minister has said.
UK authorities played down reports (Cant let anyone think that there are any problems in our multiculti hellhole of a country) that the terrorists included Britons as violence in the city continued for a third day.
But Indian Chief Minister Vilasrao Deshmukh claims two British-born Pakistanis (Moslems?) were among eight gunmen arrested by Indian authorities, according to Associated Press reports.
Indian authorities confirmed the number of foreigners known to be killed in the attacks had risen to eight. At least 143 people - including a wealthy British businessman - were left dead in the wave of terror that swept India's financial capital.
But Slime Minister Gordon Brown said it was too early to tell whether Britons were involved in carrying out the attacks.
And Home Secretary Jacqui Spliff said UK authorities had "no knowledge" of any British links with the massacre.
Indian commandos ended a siege of Mumbai's luxury Oberoi Hotel while other forces descended from helicopters to storm a Jewish centre where at least 10 hostages were being held. At least 25 captives were rushed out of the Oberoi Hotel and loaded into waiting

"No Knowledge" "Played down reports" - watch over the next few days and we will see, but dont hold your breath for the truth from our Politburo

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