Thursday, 7 June 2007

Another Sickening Attack

Mary Sear was determined to lead an active, independent life.
The widowed great-grandmother lived alone and went out in all weathers to do her shopping.
On the morning of her 96th birthday, she walked the half mile to her daughter's house to receive her cards and gifts from the family.
And on the way home, she was knocked to the ground as a mugger took her handbag.
He rifled through her birthday cards, shaking out the birthday money they contained.
Mrs Sear, from Harrow, North-West London, died of a heart attack six days later in hospital, where she was being treated for a broken hip and shoulder.
IF the case is officially classified as homicide, she could make history as Britain's oldest murder victim. Some consolation to her family eh?
Until now, Harrow, whose MP is Tony McNulty, had been considered one of London's safest boroughs (but that in itself is nothing to be proud of as all through the country violent crime is escalating and nowhere is as safe as it was just a few years ago)
The incident is further evidence of the burgeoning street crime which leaves the elderly in fear.
Conservative councillor Susan Hall described the attack as horrific.
"It is absolutely shocking, something we would never expect to happen here," she said.
"My personal view is that if you shock someone into death, that is the same as putting a gun to their head.
"This was an innocent old lady going about her business."
The mugging happened on Tuesday last week.
The day after, a man of 27 faced court accused of two robberies, including that of Mrs Sear.
Further charges could be considered following her death. A Scotland Yard source said that to mount a successful prosecution for murder, officers will have to establish a direct link between the robbery and Mrs Sear's death.
"It's difficult, but not impossible," said one. "Murder squad officers are on standby to deal with the case."
In a statement, Mrs Sear's heartbroken family said: "She was a wonderful mother, grandmother and great grandmother who will be sorely missed."
The mugging left her in a terrible state. Until then she had been a perfectly independent lady.
"Although she was 96 she got about and visited her family. I saw her in hospital after the attack and she had a broken hip and was really bashed up."

It is way past the time when we should be dealing properly with lowlife scum like this 27 year old piece-of-shit. If a victim dies after a robbery then the criminal scum should be jailed for life. We have to much fannying around with this sort of thing, trying to make sure 110% that the poor criminal was directly responsible for the death. He robbed her, she died - end of story - jail him for life. Our liberal politicians will never bring back the death penalty, being more concerned with the rights and wants of the criminals, and to hell with the victims and their families! Its time this country got its guts back and started hanging drug-traffickers, terrorists, child killers and paedophiles as well as animals like the vermin who robbed and killed this 96 year old lady. Life should mean a minimum of 25 years not the paltry few years in a comfortable cell most end up serving. You should realise there is NO war on terror, NO war on crime - just soft soap as usual.

Sir Winston Churchill
"Arm yourselves, and be ye men of valour, and be in readiness for the conflict; for it is better for us to perish in battle than to look upon the outrage of our nation and our altar."

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