Friday, 8 June 2007

Falklands Anniversary - June 14th 1982 - War Over

A reminder of the sacrifices made by our forces to recapture the Falkland Islands from the Argies - a bit different to the last lot of our sailors who were recently "captured" by the Iranians without firing a shot! When the argies invaded the Falklands the small contingent of Royal Marines based there fought bravely against a massive invasion force and surrendered only when there was no further hope. I was a young man in the forces at the time and for me the war, short though it was, still resonates. I was not involved in the campaign but for me the following images and thoughts are still with me.
The bravery of the Royal Marines during the invasion
The Captain of the Atlantic Conveyor going down with his ship
The bombing of the Sir Galahad and Sheffield = the news reports were ghastly to watch
The cheers in our pubs whenever John Nott (then defence spokesman) announced any argy planes shot down
The silence in the same pubs when one of ours was shot down, and the same when we lost ships
The courage and fortitude of the marines and paras in extreme conditions
The VC awarded to Colonel H.Jones and the almost forgotten Sgt.McKay who was with him.
We are proud of you all.

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