Thursday, 14 June 2007

Sat-Nav Captured - Osama On Foot.....................

In a new development in the war in Afghanistan, American Forces today revealed how Osam Bin-Hidin has successfully eluded the forces hunting him. The americans stated "Osama has managed to keep three, i mean one, step ahead of us for years - with equipment like this its not hard to see why. Its dust-proof, weatherproof and can be operated in any cave in the world". The Taliban Taxi equipment that was seized is of a type said to be favoured by Osama himself, complete with "Hijab Hideaway" . (for getting thru allied checkpoints) and "As You Ride Prayer Mat" for the on-the-move-muslim as optional extras. The "Fatwa Tool Roll" with stones graded by size, as well as spanners, is currently under examination by american specialists.

Note: Initially the U.S. Special Forces team who captured the Taliban Put Put failed to recognise the Sat-Nav due to most Afghan Moslems still believing the world is flat, and the SEALs had thought it belonged to an irish tourist until the "extras" were identified.

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