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gatesofvienna said...

Ian Hodder the proponent of historical 'post processual' archaeology thought that interpretation of sites could be gained by examining the various remains and contexts of patterning and other signs in order to distinguish particular types of behaviour these were obviously evidence for, in the hope of revealing much about societal relations between men and women and others. On one site he discovered or rather interpreted the zig-zag patterns left behind by women of the African tribe under investigation denoted areas of female dominance and influence and a coded message to other females. This of course is really anthropology.

Even though Mr Hodder changed his mind in a later book, I must say his earlier opinion is one I share to this day. It is most unfortunate that such pioneering work has been graced by such a title, because in many ways it amounts to common sense that is essential in archaeology. The New Left however, being the wordsmiths they are love to baffle the rest of ordinary folk like us with perambulations and gymnastic neologisms in order to make it clear to all that we are not as clever as they are.

All Mr Hodder was saying, is that instead of jumping to conclusions by reference to similar sites across the world, examine fresh sites instead within their own context but trust the New Left 'bien-pensants' to make a meal of it. It never fails to surprise one how much the New Left hides behind words as pseudo scientific justification for its existence. It is rather like a gang of children not wanting to share their secrets, with another gang and adults. It is actually the primary duty of an academic to write and convey one's ideas in the plainest understandable language possible, in order to raise the consciousness of society at large, not to hide behind meaningless convoluted language in order to confuse and keep one's little academic secret in what is effectively a 'closed shop'.

We have already seen the damage wrought by such clich├ęd terminology beloved of the 'New Amoral Global Elite' that I shall refer to in future as simply 'NAGE': words such as 'equality', 'multiracial', 'multicultural', 'deconstructivist', 'inclusion and diversity' and 'exclusion' that are actually euphemisms for a political theology wherein all things are reduced to their lowest common denominator in order that the NAGE can govern the world as one all encompassing World State. The Nation State is therefore extinct. This whole process is deliberate and calculated to destroy the former that has served us so well for centuries. I will even call this process by a new neologism: Nagism: meaning the attempted substitution by a global elite of a world composed of diverse nations, peoples and cultures for a pan globalist world order under the authority of a United Nations World Government.

What then do 'Nagists' and Nagism mean by words like 'equality', 'multiculturalism', 'multiracial', 'diversity', and even 'multifaith'. They certainly do not mean what the man in the street thinks they do. Lets examine them from the viewpoint of Nagism.

Multicultural: This means to allow within a nation state an implantation of cultures foreign to the host in order that the latter will break up the existing indigenous monoculture. It does not mean a nation state with several different cultural aspects living in harmony.

Multiracial: This means to encourage mass immigration by peoples of all races, many without historical or imperial ties, the intent of which is to assist in the break-up and dilution of the Nation State. It does not mean the toleration of different colours and ethnic backgrounds in a mono-cultural state into which the newcomers can assimilate but the deliberate 'ghettoisation' of these unfortunates who are therefore denied the opportunity to assimilate effectively so becoming part of the mainstream. This is actually a reversal of Hitler's 'Aryanisation' programme.

Equality: See above. It means to deconstruct differences in ability, talent and outlook of the indigenous people while encouraging the separation of the migrants by allowing them to establish the above 'ghetto statelets' and denying the superiority of all cultures within the host country, so further alienating indigenous and foreign migrant inhabitants but also playing off one against the other by stating for example that 'rap music' is equivalent of Beethoven and that 'Christianity and Islam should be given equal treatment with Satanic worship' even though it means in effect that Christmas is increasingly suspect while Diwali and Eid are celebrated as 'Festivals of Light'. This is intended to demoralise the native population by questioning their traditional attitudes in all matters such as the above but also, sexuality, disability and anything else the Left can think up in this warped ideology. It does not mean 'Equality before the Law' but actually the opposite, especially if one is white or Jewish or a member of an ethnic minority who refuses to submit to Left patronisation as a 'victim of society', like Mr Socranie, the Moslem social commentator.

Inclusion: All of the above except those mentioned in the last sentence of 'Equality' above. It does not mean to give everybody an equal chance of success. This actually means 'positive discrimination' against whites, Jews, and anybody else who questions the new status quo. Its real meaning is to exclude the latter.

Diversity: This means to encourage anything and everything that is different to the host culture and people, in order to dilute, suppress and ultimately eliminate the Nation State through 'deconstructivism'. 'Diversity' is another word for 'multi-racism' and 'multiculturalism'.

Multifaithism: This is really an extension of the multicultural argument and meaning. We see this in the establishment of Moslem ghettoes and 'statelets' and the demands for Shariah Law in these areas, so further undermining, or 'deconstructing' the host Nation- State by effectively allowing a foreign culture and its religion and religious laws to become established at the expense of the host culture. It is akin to allowing Hitler to establish Aryan colonies and German Law in Britain before the last war. The Romans too understood this principle as a method of consolidating captured lands. They succumbed in their turn to hordes of Germanic and Frankish migrants who living by their own laws but having supplanted the Roman authorities, often with their active consent, even given Roman magisterial titles, then established petty kingdoms that were the forerunners of modern Europe. We are their descendents. The Moslems are past masters of this political approach and the Left are playing with fire. Like so much of Left attitudes they deliberately seem blind to inherent dangers like this. The Moslems are an ancient civilisation with over a thousand years of expertise.

Deconstructivism: The deliberate entropy of established mono-cultural contexts such as the Nation-State and culture of a host nation by all the deliberate activities above calculated to demoralise, confuse, suppress, and undermine the host population to a point that the original national loyalties and culture become meaningless. This is already far advanced in Britain and Europe, where however, in the face of extremist Moslem violence and murder in Holland and France, populations are beginning to mobilise themselves against this imposed EU/United nations status quo. The future though does not look bright. The devolution of Scotland and Wales is the most obvious aspect of the deconstructionist program and with it the break up of England itself into a powerless, meaningless group of sub regions at the mercy of Brussels. We are paying for being an 'Imperial Oppressor'. The United States is under similar attack.

The ultimate outcome will be a 'Globalist' World State governed from New York and elsewhere under UN authority and nations dissolved and their cultures with them, to be replaced by a theme park environment similar to the ancient city state of Sparta was after its destruction by Thebes and then other powers like the later Macedonians and Romans. Tourists would flock to this Spartan theme Park in order to watch 'Living History' re-enactor shows of ancient Spartan life and its hardships. Roman authors tell of their admiration of young 'Spartans', or rather the intermixed products of Helot and Spartan intermarriage being whipped near to death as examples of Spartan 'manhood' and ability to withstand pain.

The natural resources, materials and workforces available in this Global State will be at the mercy of the Global Financiers and Economists, who enabled to move capital and resources around in a situation that gives the original lassez-faire attitude of past times towards trade, a completely new meaning will exploit this new opportunity for all its worth. Since there will be no borders, except perhaps to preserve some semblance of national sovereignty for the sake of tourist exploitation perhaps, whole peoples, including their formerly national resources will be in the hands of the global exploiters. This really gives the truth to the lie by Marx that private property was theft. What he should have said (and probably meant) is that private property held by individuals is theft because he and his followers cannot steal it first in order to set themselves up as the new Global Elite. It really is robbery of a global scale. It is absolutely evil. This is why I say it is Demonic as only Satan himself could think up something so disgusting and dangerous to the Human Race.
All three parties condone and hide the facts.g.

Guy leven-Torres. Le Resistance