Monday, 1 January 2007

Am I Surprised?

I have just had a festive few days away staying with old friends and family in rural Nottinghamshire. My wife and i had a great time with all the usual excesses that Christmas and the New Year brings. The dinner table talk (as usual) turned to politics. I make no secret of my BNP membership or my views, if asked, and these good people already knew my political leanings. They also agree with some of them, but thats as far as they have gone. What surprised me this time was they were adamant that they would be voting BNP in the forthcoming elections in May. After discussing some aspects of the party three of them pledged to become members immediately. They have no internet access and so i gave them a phone number which was called within a few hours (unfortunately message service only - forgot our people were probably celebrating too!). The point here is that these are normal, solid British people (which as any BNP member can tell you are the backbone of the party) who, after years of being drip-fed a constant stream of lies from whichever lame-duck party has been in power, have awoken!

Its almost de-riguer to these days in my local market-town pubs to talk politics and the BNP are almost always spoken about with respect. Where they are not it is usually (but not always) due to ignorance or pre-formed views from what has been a hostile media. The positive publicity from Nick and Marks aquittal, along with the Guardians "BNP Recruitment Supplement" (i cant believe we didnt have have to pay for that!) and the day to day work of activists throughout the year are paying off.

Finally a few thoughts on the last day or twos news items:
They hanged Saddam - i believe he was a bad man, BUT his trial was a farce and a disgrace to a "civilised" society. Yes, he should have hanged, but not as the result of an externally-driven show trial overseen by western powers.

We are invited to welcome the accession of two new member states to to the EU - our government have stuck an outwardly visible sticking plaster on our worries by "limiting" "unskilled" workers from these countries to 20,000. However there is NOTHING to stop these people from saying they are either tourists or self-employed and coming in anyway to dissappear into the black economy or be hired by unscrupulous employers looking to increase their profits. Even without this sham "limited immigration" another 20,000 immigrants will add yet more strain to our already overloaded infrastructure and will be yet again to the detriment of the indigenous British people.

Gilbert K Chesterton (1874-1936) - English novelist and poet

"But we are the people of England; and we have not spoken yet. Smile at us, pay us, pass us by. But never forget".


Anonymous said...

Well said Tony. With any luck, the BNP will gain even more credibility with people in this new year.

Excellent quotation, by the way. Have you ever read Chesterton's work 'The Napoleon of Notting Hill'?

Tony said...

Thanks for the info - i will seek out the book

youdontknowme said...

It's only a matter of time before the BNP get into power. The public are beginning to see through the lies of the media.

I believe in the death penalty but I also believe in a fair trial. Saddam's trial was not a fair one.

BFB said...

I don't feel any safer knowing that Saddam is dead. Thinking about it, he never did me any harm.

If they hung George 'Gallows' Galloway....that would be worthy of celebration!

Great post, Tony, I too have noticed that people's attitude towards the BNP is changing for the better.

I would wish you a happy new year but we all know it will be just as shit as the old one, a trend that will continue until we get a nationalist government.

Keats said...

Great blog Tony -I saw your link on the BNP website. Keep up the good work!

Best wishes from Leicestershire

British National Party member said...

Nice to know! Did they join up in the end?

And yes it is a good quote.


Nikola said...

Keep up the recruitment!

defender said...

Just found you tony on Barnsley nationalist. Will drop in regularly. Regards from Lincoln

shieldwall said...

people are talking more about the BNP and praising their stance,massive inroads are being made,lets hope the final push will not be long away.Regards from a BNP member in Plymouth.

Tony said...

Thanks for all your comments.