Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Muslims Pushing Again

A twelve year old student has been banned from wearing a Muslim veil in lessons because it is not seen as uniform, which seems reasonable to me.
The girl, who goes to a Buckinghamshire school, has been asked to stop wearing her niqab, a veil that covers the face usually leaving only the eyes visible (assuming it is a female as it would not be the first time a male had used one - remember the fleeing "alleged" bomber?).
The school is now facing a court battle about whether she can wear the veil and could be left with a £500,000 legal bill.
The pupil and her father, who do not want to be named (now theres a surprise), are taking their case to court through a judicial review next month, on legal aid (thats you and me paying). The Muslim pupils at the school are allowed to wear a hijab, a scarf which covers the head, but not a full niqab.
Buckinghamshire Council , responsible for the county's schools, are in talks with the family to try to stop the case going to court. The girl, it is reported, is having lessons at home. This is being paid for by the school (for "paid for by the school" read "paid for by the taxpayer"- you and me!).
Apparently, wycombe MP Paul Goodman has written to Alan Johnson, the Secretary of State for the Department of Education and Schools asking for a meeting.
He has said its right that the school should take the religious requirements of its Muslim pupils into account. "It already does so by allowing students to wear the hijab or headscarf, a policy on which it has consulted. It's worth noting that the vast majority of Muslim women in my constituency don't wear the niqab or veil."
"I gather that the school maintains on educational and security grounds that its students shouldn't wear the niqab. I support the school one hundred per cent."
The Council has said it cannot fork out taxpayers money on the case, and the DfES said it does not comment on individual cases (where have i heard that before?). But Mr Goodman thought the two authorities could help.
He added: "I believe that the Department of Education and Schools and Buckinghamshire Council should support the school in principle, and should work together to help fund this court case."
Marion Clayton, county council cabinet member for achievement and learning, said: "I can confirm that a parent has asked for a judicial review regarding his daughter not being allowed to attend a Buckinghamshire school wearing a niqab. A hearing is expected shortly to decide whether that review should go ahead.
"The school and parent have asked for anonymity. Neither the school nor this council feel it is appropriate to comment on the issues of the case until the review, if any, has taken place. We have been working with the school throughout to try and achieve a resolution in the best interests of the pupil and the school."
Now correct me if im wrong, but didnt we have a similar situation a year or so back in Luton? A court case costing a shedload of taxpayers money with no winners? Eh Begum lad. In that instance the girl "lost" her case to wear some obscure item of clothing. These meetings and consultations are a waste of time (surely these people have more important things to be getting on with than being seen to be pandering to the latest Muslim demand, for that is what it is) and the only winners are the legal teams. The Muslim communities are continually pushing at the boundaries, testing the waters of Britain, and pushing further with every concession they receive from our government who are too stupid to realise it will never stop until Britain is an Islamic state.
The BNP would ban the wearing of the full face veil in public places like schools - its divisive to community relations and makes terrorism and illegal immigration easy. VOTE BNP!

Jeremy Paxman - Political analyst & tv presenter
"Those countries which do best in the world - the ones that are safe and prosperous - have a coherent sense of their own culture".
(Extract from his book "The English")


BFB said...
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BFB said...

I believe Muslim's who insist on wearing the veil do so in hope that they may get some compensation if they are denied the right(?). The fact is that the huge majority of Muslim women in Britain (notice I didn't say British Muslims, there is no such thing) chose NOT to wear the veil because it symbolizes the oppression of women.

For a school - or any other institution - to allow the veil is a slap in the face for the suffragetes and every other woman who has rightly fought for equal rights.

The Bournemouth Nationalist said...

We should allow all muslims male or female, adult or child to wear their religious garb whenever they wish. For when the time comes as it surely will that the Great British public votes for their removal from this small island, they will have all been identified as to who they really are. Thus making their deportation a simple task