Sunday, 14 January 2007

Excuse me Mr Brown?

Gordon Browns comments regarding the Union of the UK would be laughable if they were not so serious.
Having jointly presided over 10 years of the systematic dismantling of Britain’s historic institutions, Brown is portraying himself as a champion of the Union and of Great Britain.
As usual for Labour, the reasons are motivated purely by self-interest and power-grabbing politics.
Firstly, the Scots are about to give the Labour party a bashing in the forthcoming elections to Scotland's parliament. The nationalists want to break away from the UK and would use election victory to push for their goal of an independent Scotland. If the results of the Scottish elections give a taste of what could happen in the Westminister elections in the next few years, Labour is in the mire. Due to the fact that the Labour party could not and would not again win a national election without its scottish power base, the situation is fast becoming desperate for them.
Secondly, being a scottish MP himself, he risks being seen as the emperor without clothes when he succeeds Tony Bliar as PM if the scots effectively tell England to ‘go forth and multiply‘. The English are already subjected to the inequity of the ‘West–Lothian’ issue whereby Scottish MPs vote on English matters that do not effect the Scots themselves (a total perversion of democracy).
The English are unlikely to ever want to be ruled-over by a Scots bigot if Scotland is fully devolved.
Further, under the Labour regime, Scotland has become a subsidised state, paid for by, you’ve guessed it, the English (over 60% of scottish funding is from English taxpayers!).
Labour hates England. It has been a characteristic of their years in power never to mention England. England, in the eyes of Britain’s marxist left, represents everything reprehensible about Britain’s past.
The more extreme left-wing intellectual types believe that the English have some kind of inbuilt natural characteristic that leans towards brutish expansionism and look to suppress the indigenous English at every given opportunity.
Labour might see themselves as progressive , but in this they have been driven by their own deep-set prejudice that sees the indigenous English as fair game at the bottom of the Labour pecking order.
The problem here is that talk of British nationalism is irrelevant without the English. Britain is a union of nations and England has always been its driving force.
Brown is not interested in Britain and not interested in its future in any other way than imposing his pseudo-Marxist world view. He is definitely not interested in us English. He cannot bring himself to say something nice about us.
The new Labour experiment has been all about the twin policies of selling our sovereignty to the EU and unbridled mass-immigration: Its intention has been to rid the country of national identity for good.
The EU has never made any pretence otherwise. Indeed, in Brussels they are mightily proud of the fact - has Brown not heard of the policy of splitting Europe into regions?
You would think Brown would be pleased to split up the Union. After all it was Labour that started the process with the tacit approval of our “European partners". They even tried to devolve the North East of England, until voters sent them packing with their tails between their legs (or does he think we have forgotten?)
Brown now also has the gall to speak of the shortcomings of multiculturalism: "What was wrong about multiculturalism was not the recognition of diversity but that it over-emphasised separateness at the cost of unity," he writes.
As if Brown and his party hadn’t invented and imposed it, without consulting us first.
As if the thing just happened on its own.
After ten years of Chancellor Brown, Britain has been subjected to remorseless tax and spend policies in order to re-engineer society to fit a marxist left-wing world view. The break up of the Union is just one of its inevitable consequences.
Now Brown is trying to paint himself as THE champion of British national identity and savior of the 300 year old union. I doubt if this calculated and blatant attempt to save his own backside will succeed.
For Brown to make such a song and dance over the Union indicates that the Labour rats are truly starting to sweat - here in England we have an opportunity in the May elections to give Labour a good kick in the ballots! Dont forget to vote! Vote BNP!

King Harold II (1022 - 1066AD)
"I will give him seven feet of English ground, or as much more as he may be taller than other men".
(When asked, before the Battle of Stamford Bridge, what he would offer the invading Norwegian King)

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