Friday, 12 January 2007

Dhimmocracy in Great Britain

Many readers will be familiar with the story of the Medina (formerly Express) Dairy in Windsor and the recent racial disturbances relating to that site's misuse as a mosque and Islamic centre.The Medina Dairy chain is owned by Medina Property – a company that also owns Technor House – also on the same site. In early 2005 a planning Change of Use application was put before Windsor & Maidenhead Borough Council (WMBC) requesting that the status of Technor House be changed so as to allow its use as a mosque and Islamic centre. After due consideration and in the face of major local opposition to the proposal, the Council rejected the application. A little later the applicants lodged a request for an Appeal against WMBC’s decision with Labour’s Planning Inspectorate, based in Bristol. A public hearing was convened in Windsor for the autumn of last year. As an aside, because of concerns by some officials over possible “BNP disruption” (play the bogeyman card) , it was thought that a sizeable police presence at the hearing was appropriate! To cut a long story short - as they say, the decision of WMBC was overturned and permission granted to allow the use of Technor House as a mosque and Islamic education centre. Local people were far from pleased over the decision and this, together with the attitude of some at the dairy site, contributed to the later outbreak of violence. Rumours abound. One of the complaints subsequently voiced by angry residents opposed to the proposal is that they received precious little support from the local Tories. Another concerns Labour’s Fiona Mactaggart – the MP for neighbouring Slough – where indigenous Britons are in the minority. According to rumour Mactaggart wrote to the Planning Inspectorate in Bristol ahead of the Appeal hearing, to request that WMBC's decision be overturned and that permission be granted for the mosque and Islamic education centre! We can now confirm that this is no rumour - but a statement of fact! The text of Ms. Mactaggart's communication – received in July 2006 by the Planning Inspectorate – is as follows:

Dear Mr. P****, Re APP/T0335?A/1188984 Users of Diamond Road Mosque in my constituency have asked for my support on this matter which I am pleased to give. I rarely intervene in small scale planning matters, especially when they are not within my constituency (or to help my own countrymen?) but I believe that this proposal for an Islamic community and educational centre could help community cohesion, reduce traffic congestion and enable the Muslim community of Windsor to participate more fully in the economic life of the town to the mutual benefit of the town and the community. At present many Muslims in the Windsor area come to Slough to worship and for Islamic education, putting our resources under strain and adding to traffic congestion on the roads between Windsor and Slough especially on Friday. Tackling these difficulties would enhance community cohesion as would the offer made by the developers to use the centre to enhance learning across and between religions.Recent figures suggest that Muslim men in this area have experienced an increase in unemployment, unlike all other local communities where there has been employment growth. Enabling people to pray locally helps them successfully to participate in the labour market in a way which may help to reduce the risk of unemployment in this group (Is it me or is that just so much nonsense you have to re-read several times to confirm it is indeed nonsense?). While I recognise that the original reason for refusal was a commendable desire on the part of Windsor and Maidenhead Council to preserve appropriate space for industry and business I believe that this argument is also important to securing a successful future for employment in Windsor. This is an unusual application. It is rare for the resources, a site and a need in this field to come together well and in these circumstances I would urge you to consider that the case for departing from the original decision would be good for the whole community of Windsor and its economic and social success.

Unbelieveable stuff. I was ware of the problems at the Medina site, including a number of assaults on local indigenous people by muslims, to which our Dhimmi police turned a blind-eye, but to have an MP from another constituency interfere (for that is what it is) and use her political clout to help get the decision overturned is appalling. I wonder what percentage of her constituency is muslim? New Labour in action - NOT working for Britain!

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BFB said...

It boils down to the fact that Labour (nothing 'New' about them) are increasingly dependant on ethnic minority votes.

Given the recent (racial) disturbances, Things Can Only Get Worse.