Friday, 16 February 2007

Black on Black Killings - Peckham

I watched the news the other night, flicking between the BBC and ITV propaganda. The reporters were all in a frenzy trying to out dramatise each other while reporting on the latest shootings in "sarf landan" - this time in Peckham. What caught my attention? The BBC reporter said that the permanent police operation Trident were meeting in the morning to investigate this latest episode and explained that Trident was set up to combat crime "affecting the black community". Nothing sinister in that description, i hear you mutter. However the ITV reporter a few minutes later said that Trident was a ongoing police operation investigating Black on Black gun crime! Now theres a world of difference between the two descriptions used and the BBC report makes no mention of race - no surprise there! So i dug around a little and found that Trident is indeed an ongoing police operation with over 300 police officers and 70 support staff that are dedicated to Trident, supported and informed by Trident's "Independent Advisory Group" whoever they are. Thats about 1.5% of the London Police Force (sorry, "service") on full time duties trying to stop black on black gun crime in the capital. Assuming the average mean pay of the officers is circa £30k that is a cost of £12,000,000 per annum for what is a minority of criminals within the black community! Del Boy would be turning in his car coat.......

Stephen Leacock (1869-1944)
"American politicians do anything for money... English politicians take the money and won't do anything ".

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