Thursday, 1 February 2007

Tagged Like Cattle...

ID cards are one of my pet hates, with nothing guaranteed to boil my blood faster than someone who says "if youve nothing to hide...." . There is a link on the site to the no2id campaign which i urge people to visit. It is not too long now before the first cards are issued ( i believe 2008?) and i for one will NOT be getting one! There are many arguments against this insidious form of tagging for all and i found this article below to sum up nicely. The no2id site has a pledge system to form a fighting fund to defend the prosecutions of Freeborn Britons that will follow as the government try to cow us into accepting this monstrous invasion into the lives of the indigenous free British. If enough people refuse then, as with Thatchers poll tax, the ID card law will be unenforceable.

" Many people have written at length and eloquently about the arguments against ID cards. Arguements put for ID cards have been changed and lies told without so much as a flicker of conscience from a government of utter liars who have all but destroyed our way of life and our culture and nation as they wreck our Constitution and implement their modern version of the Napoleonic Code where the State turns from Protector to Warden. Modern Britain is little short of a comfortable open prison. That the Government with a record of utter fiscal profligacy refuses to tell us what it will steal from us in order to pay for this idiocy is sufficient itself to make one reject the ID card. But despite these and the many other cogent arguments about the restriction of our historic Liberties and this draconian and dishonest imposition on us by the State, one factor which is the clincher for me has been swept under the carpet by all parties. This is the total impossibility of ID cards to provide any protection or security from terrorists or determined parasites. The reality is this. New Labour under Blair has allowed virtually uncontrolled immigration and has taken no measure to repatriate illegal immigrants or economic asylum seekers. The poison in their incompetence is that they allowed thousands of people into the country who arrived without ANY form of identification and unknown numbers of illegal immigrants with false papers. Many of the unsuccessful asylum seekers who should have been deported within 24 hours simply melted away into society. But not mainstream society. They melted into their own cultural and racial groups. One of the consequences of multiculturalism as provided by Gramsci and New Labour is virtually zero integration as multiculturalism is best defined as failed integration. Woefully late, bodies such as the CRE have lamented this but the horse left the stable years ago. We have groups of what can only be described as an admixture of parasites and our mortal enemies living amongst us and the idea that ID cards can somehow protect us from them is so spectacularly stupid as to suggest insanity on the part of those who propose it.An uncontrolled Department for Immigration has employed a disproportionate number of foreigners and their descendants in sensitive positions and this has allowed for the massive proliferation of false driving licenses, NHS cards and passports to be available on the black market. The situation is beyond rescue until and unless a massive deportation program is implemented. The British people, now so cowed by a communist school system and hideously anti British Broadcasting Corporation are by and large too frightened to say that the Emperor not only has no clothes but he is politically leprous, shedding any vestiges of truth or probity with each step he takes. It is the RESPONSIBILTY OF ALL BRITISH PEOPLE who know who they are and where they came from to refuse to take what can only be considered to be a short step from the mark of the beast. If the British are as stupid as I think they are, they will roll over and play dead and do as they are told given that so many now depend on the State to feed and clothe them either as employees or grateful beggars. But if they have any backbone then ID cards will prove to be New Labour's demise and their very own Poll Tax."
Peter Watson
Dorset February 15, 2006

Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882) - american philosopher & poet
"By this sacredness of individuals, the English have in seven hundred years evolved the principles of freedom".

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