Friday, 9 February 2007

Not so Safe now?

I have just read the latest bye-election results from Bedworth. The BNP polling 31.2% of the votes in a Nu-Labour "safe" seat! (not so safe now, eh boys?). The results are:

Valerie Richardson (Lab) 658.
Alwyn Deacon (British National Party) 546.
Damon Brown (Con) 301.
Alice Field (Lib Dem) 119.
David Lane (English Democrats) 75.
Vanessa Casey (Save Our NHS) 43.
Nigel Lanigan (UK Independence Party) 8.

For the BNP standing here for the first time the results are astonishingly good, but not surprising, as Great Britains free people shake themselves from the apathy and slumber of the last decades of the old three party rule. It goes to show that if committed members and activists work hard in a given area we can sweep broad swathes through this country of ours and begin to regain our freedoms and the democracy we once took as a given. Of course, i realise that we did not win this election, but from a standing start in a previously unchallenged ward to a close second place well ahead of the Conservatives and Lib-Dead, shows we can effectively challenge all mainstream and minority parties. Vote BNP in the May elections and start down the road of being a first class citizen in a first class country again! YOUR COUNTRY! YOUR VOTE! VOTE BNP!


The Green Arrow said...

What a brilliant result for the B.N.P. It encourages us all in our fight to regain our country.

Good Luck

Nikola said...

These type of results are going to be more and more frequent in the future. Peoples eyes are being opened, and they're patience is at an end.