Friday, 9 February 2007

From the Heart

I was browsing the "your say" section of the BNP website and came across this letter:

"I have enjoyed reading the posts on this site, some are well researched, some passionate and some just down to earth common sense.All I wish to contribute is quite simple.. Please keep up the good work BNP. There are so many people out here who would love to join you but are scared to do so. In many peoples minds you are conceived as being a party of skin-headed thugs....Please work on changing this image and perception..The post from June S from Cambs was most encouraging...Thank you June.I am so fearful for those of us who are proud of being white working class or middle class people, who value our countries heritage and traditions and want to retain these things. Most of us are not 'skin-heads' or 'thugs'...we are normal (mostly Labour voting) people who live on the same council estates and housing areas as those who despise our country so much. I wish we had a BNP candidate in our area in the next elections.... I would shake his or her hand warmly and in full view of the neighbours!!"

This a not an untypical letter on the site but it struck me as a heartfelt plea from the writer. As any member or supporter will know the BNPs image is not at all as the media portray. The comment " There are so many people out here who would love to join you but are scared to do so" hurts me. All it takes people, is a little guts. A little guts to stand up and be counted. For your Country, for your Children and for your People. We do not have an infinite time to save our country and every day wasted is a day lost forever - lost to apathy or to the fear of sticking your head above the parapet. I would urge you who are not party members to look inside yourself, find a little guts, and join the BNP and become active in saving our once great nation from the wreckers currently residing in their ivory towers.

To quote "The day may come when the courage of men fails and we forsake our friends and break all bonds of fellowship - but it is not this day! This day we fight!" Well my friends, the fighting has started in earnest and we in the BNP need your help to win!

William Shakespeare"We few. We happy few. We band of brothers...".(King Henry's call to arms of the English army before the battle of Agincourt)


shieldwall said...

A very nice letter,explains most normal peoples fears today in Britain.I joined the BNP in 2004,and I must admit I was shocked,the fellow members I have met come from all walks of life students,servicemen,OAP`S,writers and many more,all striving to make Britain great again,so do yourselves and the nation a great service and join the BNP,YOU WILL LOVE IT,DO YOUR BIT.

The Green Arrow said...

Lincolnshire, Shieldwall.

I have never met either of you but I am as proud of both as if you were my own true brothers.

My mother had no daughters but I look on Felicity, Cat and Helena as sisters.

The B.N.P. is a family and it is very proud of its children.