Thursday, 1 February 2007

Cameroons Twitching

Apparently, David "hug a hoodie" Cameroon is alive and twitching and spouting the type of nonsense i would more likely associate with Two-jags Prescott. This person ( i cant bring myself to call him a man) has launched a diatribe against many elements in our island home, most notably the BNP, and dares to compare us with the home-grown terrorists and radicals from the muslim community. Excuse me? For a moment there i thought he was drawing a parallel between a legitimate political party and people who want to take over our country by any means available including terrorism. My God! He is! As far as i am aware the BNP do not fly planes into tower-blocks, blow up buses and trains, inhumanely slaughter animals while chanting payers, beat women or advocate the killing of homosexuals. It is certainly not in the BNP manifesto this year so perhaps he has an old copy?
Additionally many members of the BNP enjoy the occasional packet of pork scratchings, so how we mirror radical muslims is beyond me.
Do you think we are starting to see yet another smear campaign against the BNP beginning to sprout as we head towards the may elections? Heaven forbid! We live in a democracy, right?

To quote Cameroon "The best answer to ignorance like this is a good education." Seems to me like you should enrol promptly Dave, i believe there are courses on living in the real world starting in september at an ethnically enriched and diversified school near you. Or would you go private?
I believe that this fools comments will lose the CONservatives even more votes and expose this twitching poppinjay for the traitor to the British people that he is. I understand that Cameroon, speaking at the New Testament Church of God in Handsworth, was due to say that many barriers to integration are the fault of politicians. But he didnt - now theres a surprise! Now almost a trademark of Cameroons press releases is the comment "he was due to say/speak/dicuss etc" on some hard-hitting topic, but he never does. All piss and wind is our Dave, with no style or substance. Hmmmm....who else does that description remind me of?

English news paper headline
"Fog in Channel - Continent cut off".

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British National Party member said...

"Fog in Channel - Continent cut off".

Those were the days!