Friday, 23 February 2007

What About Our Own People?

This is the stuff of nightmares. I know Spalding very well and am aware of the housing problems faced by many local people:

Lincolnshire Housing plan for Migrant Workers

It is reported in the local paper, the Spalding Guardian ( of 15th February, that local migrant labour peddler "Ray Turner Labour Ltd" has submitted plans to house up to 300 migrant workers on a new development near Spalding in Lincolnshire. Currently Spalding is overwhelmed with migrant labour due to the pressures on the food industry from the major supermarkets. This is being fed by the greed of local businesses wishing to cash in on the exploitation of foreign migrant labour. Spalding is becoming so "enriched" that it is difficult to hear English being spoken in the town, and when out shopping. A council employee recently commented how nice it was to deal with an English person for a change!
The papers own poll currently shows 77% of people against the development, but unsurprisingly, residents fear that the council and local opinion will be overridden by the ODPM (office of the deputy prime minister) and permission will be granted. This will bring the strain on local health and education services to a crisis point, as often the migrant workers in this area do not send their money home, but bring their relatives to the town, as in the case of Milda Staffieri, who brags that the development "would be a big boost for migrant workers". With hot-bedding already a big problem in the area, this could be a major source of tension as Spalding already has one of the highest unemployment rates in the area, mainly due to unethically imported (and unwanted) foreign labour.

I was in my local pub last night and a local couple were telling me that they had been on the housing list for seven years and now, due to an influx of foreign workers and their dependants, have been told that have been downgraded yet again! They had no idea of when or even if they could expect to be suitably housed. This situation is fast becoming intolerable for many local people. The locals will oppose any planning permissions sought by greedy local businesses to house their exploited workers. However, this alone will not help those Britons who do not have access to low-cost housingt. We need a change of policy and this starts at grassroots level by changing from the old parties to one that will put the indigenous people first! That party is the BNP!

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