Friday, 21 November 2008

Britains Shieldwall

Twelve thousand bravehearts. This is the core of our countrys defenders and its future. Britains Shieldwall. Ally these stout hearted individuals to the growing levels of public support and votes and we move another few solid steps along the tunnel. Theres a sense of common purpose within the BNP. We are not empty inside - we have plans for the future of our children and our childrens children, not the instant gratification of the individual here and now and damn tommorow! Its a long walk and we may not see the full results in our lifetimes, but we had to start somewhere and we, my friends, are the vanguard.
We all know that theres right and theres wrong and you have got do do one or the other. - Hit a lick against whats wrong and say a word for whats right even tho you may get walloped for saying it. Do one and you are living, do the other and you may be walking around - but youre as dead as a dodo inside.
Nobody just decides to join the BNP - its forced upon you when you have had enough of the lies and deceits of the main parties and decide to stand up for yourself and for your country. When you have ideas like real freedom and rights of the individual, and a hatred of dictators. Fighting for our people to live free means more to us than cowering in "security". This is why we will win. Dirty tricks campaigns cause us a few casualties and some folk fall by the wayside. But their time with us helped us along the path, and new blood swells our ranks.

Stand firm, hold the line and we will win!

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