Thursday, 20 November 2008


So, the membership list has been published online. Ive had two crank calls and one email (apart from the plethora of viagra type rubbish) . I have been out and about today and have recieved nothing but positive feeback from the people in the area. I have had several promises to vote for me if i decide to stand again ( i have) and a general consensus that the publication of the list has given us some good publicity. Personally i dont care that my details are online - i have nothing to be ashamed of and nothing to hide - im proud of the publicity (if it can be called that, as i am only one of the twelve thousand patriots with the strength to stand and be counted)

So if i have to put up with up some loser harrassing me (giros permitting - spookily enough the calls were after six o.clock, cheap rate, and not to my mobile, expensive) when their funds permit (and numbers witheld of course) then i consider it a cheap price for the opportunity to speak up on behalf of my kin and folk. Thankyou for boosting my determination!

Dont forget the 2009 elections are not too distant and the BNP needs every patriot to turn out and vote and not be discouraged by any campaigns against us such as we are currently seeing!

2009 is OUR year. VOTE BNP!

Our time is coming - Stand, Men of the West!

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