Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Whitemoor Prison

On the BNP website there is a story about the large amount of public money that was used to buy in takeaways for muslim terrorist prisoners. Its an interesting story in itself. However in my mind this is a more serious matter. An aquaintance of mine works in the prison. He has told me on several occcasions that the biggest problem they have there is the forcible conversion of ordinary (white christian - even if only nominally) prisoners to Islam, along with a lack of will by the authorities to stamp down on them. The figures i give here are his ESTIMATES. From what i understand was initially a Moslem prison population of around 40, this has increased to around 150 (about a third of the inmates, with 90% being forcible conversions. The prison authorities are well aware of what is happening and are apparently in the process of trying to farm out the ringleaders of the gangs which are terrorising "normal" prisoners - remember this a Cat A prison with a smattering of Cat Bs. However due to an unwillingness to upset the ethnics and the mozzies invoking the "human rights" act they have been, so far, unsuccessful. The mainstream press (the Mirror, of all papers) has stated that only 8 moslems are in whitemoor due to terrorist offences BUT remember Whitemoor will not take any prisoners with a sentence of less than FOUR years, which under this marxist government is rarely handed out except for instances of extreme violence. Personally i think all the inmates at Whitemoor are scum but the forced Islamification of any inmate is a matter for concern in our land.

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