Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Leaked membership list

I was going to write a few lines regarding the leaking and publiation of the membership list but these comments from another site say it all!

"That is not a members list it's a bloody role of honour because the people on that list actually want to save Britain and God Bless them one and all. Be proud to be BNP"

"List of the saints. To be on that list is to be on the list of heroes like Waterloo, Trafalgar, and the Battle of Britain. To be on the list is to be immortal. If the British People (as in US census code 011 British) last 12000 years it will be because of those on the list.These are individual heroes. They don't come to this in a group. They are not ordered to do it by government. They didn't get draft cards. Each person on the list has made a testament to truth on their own act of conscience. They have risked all for their kin, despite the ingratitude and hate shown by the official minders of PC. Many are with them. And the numbers are growing and not just in Britain. We are a great people and when we are united we can not be defeated. Churchill said it, and it has been true throughout history. When evil has marched it has been us who have stopped it for centuries. No other people can make this claim."

Makes me proud to be on that list.

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