Sunday, 23 November 2008

Our Peoples Defence Fund

This is courtesy of the BNP website (link on left). Nick Griffins appeal for the defence fund for the battle now raging. You can donate through the BNP site.

Thousands of ordinary men and women like you across this land are being subjected to the most sustained and vicious political witch-hunt ever seen in this country. Their ‘crime’? Being concerned enough about the future of their country to join the British National Party!

Experienced political commentators from around the world have been shocked by the bigoted actions and biased reporting of our press. Independent observers such as leading libertarian Dr. Sean Gabb are comparing the onslaught launched against us to the political witch hunts in the early days of the Soviet and Nazi regimes. Others are comparing the campaign against BNP members to the ‘KRISTALNACHT’ pogrom against the Jews in 1930s Nazi Germany - and with good reason.

Remember, first the Jews were publically named, then they were barred from certain occupations, the press then tried to whip up hatred against them and their rights to express themselves politically were removed. Finally it was open season on them and anybody else who dared question the totalitarian political elite. Windows were smashed, firebombs were thrown, and innocent people were hauled off to prison.

Is this not exactly what we are witnessing now, here in Britain, in 2008? The leaking of our members’ details was not the mere rash action of a disgruntled ex- employee. No! It is part of a co-ordinated campaign to stop our progress and rapid growth. The Powers That Be know that we stand a good chance of winning European seats next June, and that they have lost the battle to stop us politically, so now they are turning to intimidation, violence and mass arrests.

You see, the British National Party is gaining widespread recognition as the only party that could ever pull this nation together, the others have failed and now millions of ordinary Britons are looking towards the BNP as their only hope. The Establishment know that we are close to a massive political breakthrough.

This is too much for the ‘Troughminster’ politicians, and that is why they have unleashed the attack dogs of the media and the legions of the PC fanatics, trade union Marxists and every other hater of Britain they can muster.

Shame of leftist bullies

Yes, the attacks are hurting many good people, and yes, the sensationalist press coverage, the late-night threatening phone calls and the hate letters have been a source of anxiety to many. One poor lady (not even a member) came home from her husband’s funeral last Friday to find death threats against him on her answer phone because he was ‘on the list’.

However, the enemies of this country have badly misjudged the British character and our famous fighting spirit. Are we not heirs of those who stood, against all odds, at Agincourt? Did not our forebears hold fast the ‘thin red line’ on every continent in the world? Were not our ancestors those bold heroes who stood at Tilbury dock with good Queen Bess against the assembled hordes of Europe, and served heroically with Nelson and Wellington?

Unlike our fathers and Grandfathers, we have no Somme, Paschendale or Dunkirk to test our metal, but none the less we have our own battles to fight and this is a major test for us as Nationalists and British democrats. If our courage fails at the first sound of battle, then all is lost.

Our Finest Hour?

But I believe that the indomitable British spirit now stirring within the hearts of our people will cause them to rise in defence of liberty and our proud British heritage. AS A PARTY, THIS COULD WELL BE OUR FINEST HOUR! Being ‘on the list’ is a mark of honour, and people are now clamouring to join and be on it too!

Down through the travails of centuries many have tried to bully and silence the British people. ALL HAVE FAILED. Our enemies have always made the mistake of confusing the British love of fair play, decency and peace with ‘weakness’. They never understood that this was the secret of our strength. It takes a lot to rile the British, but when we are stirred from our slumber there is no dictator, people or force on earth that can suppress our spirit.

We never went looking for this fight, but now it has started we must stand fast in defence of every single member who feels threatened, harassed or intimidated. Employers who attempt to victimise our people will be challenged in court. Newspapers that deliberately whip up hatred against our people will also find themselves on the wrong end not only of legal action for receiving and misusing stolen property, but of well-thought out actions denied to hit their owners in their pockets. Police forces that fail to protect our people, or even worse try to join in the intimidation, will be called to account too.

Our people ARE the Party; therefore we will vigorously pursue all and every unlawful attack upon any individual. Our members will be protected and defended and I ask you now to donate to our People’s Defence Fund in order to provide the necessary means to secure our people proper legal representation and protection as they require, and to allow us to go on the campaign offensive.

Preparing our counter- attack

I have already held two intensive conferences with heavyweight lawyers and with an expert in peaceful direct action. Over the first couple of days of this all-out assault on the BNP’s very existence, senior colleagues and I were together forced to work flat out on what, as you know, turned into a very effective defensive action in the media. Now it’s time for us to counter-attack!

As well as our coming legal fight-back, we’re going to be organising hard-hitting political action too. We’ll make Liverpool’s politically correct police bullies wish they’d never tried to stamp out the BNP. We’re designing new Truth Truck ‘skins’ and we’re going to visit the owners and big shareholders of the Daily Mirror and tell their neighbours about their vicious campaign of intimidation, lies and incitement. These swine started this fight, but we’re going to win it!

Helping defend democracy

The campaign of media demonisation, police repression and intimidation by gangs of leftist thugs mobilised and endorsed by Labour cabinet ministers is not just an attack on the British National Party. It is an attack on the very essence of our democratic system and British way of life.

If you value this country and want to protect your children’s future, do not let our people stand alone. The Last Battle for our country is now raging; will you do your duty and rally to the brave old colours of the red, white and blue?

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