Wednesday, 26 November 2008

To The Traitorous Politoco - Remember WHO we are!

We will fight you to the bitter end and with our last breath we will spit in your faces for the traitors you are. WE ARE THE BRITISH NATIONAL PARTY and THE VOICE OF THE TRUE BRITISH PEOPLE.

We will fight in the towns and in the villages,and in the cities, we will fight in the valleys and on the hills, we will fight on the beaches and we will fight in the shires. And as time goes by we will become stronger, an unstoppable force against the three tier party system this country has become. We will fight through the ballot box, through street and internet activism - we shall never surrender. Our as yet unborn kin will look back in time and say "this was their finest hour". The Battle for Britain rages - Will YOU stand with the Thin Red Line?

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