Tuesday, 25 November 2008

The List - Update

Well only one phone call since my last list update post - i expect they are waiting for their Giros to arrive. Since my email was published i have apparently won over 21 million on various lotterys (and i havent given up my day job as a cleaner!), can have a larger manhood/cheap niagra (had to watch the spelling there - wouldnt want to be thought a racist..........)/alerts from HSBC,Barclays etc right through to the Royal Bank of Jims Ice House in Nova Scotia (the only one i ACTUALLY have an account with......). I can forget all my troubles if i click here or be taller if i click there.........

So - i clicked em all and now and now i am a 6 foot 6 inch homeowner with a degree, a blackbelt, 4 cars in the drive, im irresistable to women and have £20 million in the bank. Wow - my lifes changed massively since the publication of the list! But you know what? Im STILL BNP!!!!

Support the BNP! - YOU know it makes sense!

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